Which are the best lights for a shop?

Which are the best lights for a shop?

Which are the best lights for a shop?

If you are planning to build a new shop or you already have one, and specially if it will have high ceilings, the best option are high bay lights. I you are wondering what a high bay light is, a high bay light is a source of light intended to be used in higher ceilings, bay lights and high bay lights can be installed at 14ft to 21ft high or higher.
Currently high bay lights have been improved by the use of latest technology advancement which is the incorporation of LED chips, compatible LED components such as drivers, power packs, controllers, etc. LED stands for light emitting diode. The advantage of this new technology is the improved and much increased energy efficiency, LEDs are up to 90% more energy efficient compared to traditional and old incandescent light bulbs. Higher energy efficiency when speaking about lighting and specially speaking about LEDs means less heat, more light and lower costs, mostly lower electrical utility bills. Other important advantage of LEDs is they need less maintenance, fewer replacements that means less transportation costs, less garbage, less pollution, of course this helps better care for the environment and the planet. LEDs are small in size so they become very flexible and can be adequate for much more applications specially for compact and smaller types of fixtures. So, with the same amounts of electrical power one can get much more brightness.

For shops most people prefer 5000K color temperature. “K” in this case is the abbreviation for Kelvin, this shows the perceived temperature of lights perceived by the sight. Hero Series is available in 4000K and 5000K, the 4000K color temperature means a warmer color of light, at 5000K the light color is perceived as “true white” also called “cool light”. Warmer tones such as 4000K are preferred for homes and family spaces, while cooler K temperatures are preferred for commercial applications.

If you are going to have ceilings from 14ft or higher you may use Hero Series LED High Bay Lights, Radar Series High Bay Lights or Will Series Linear LED High Bay Lights.

Hero and Tale Series are called “UFO” style high bay lights and provide the round shape lighting pattern and factor, these are better recommended for open spaces.

Hero Series LED High Bay Lights have many great features that beat traditional sources of light, or other different types of high bay lights.

All Hero Series LED High Bay Lights come with a 5-year warranty against manufacture quality related problems, so if you get for example a 250w Hero Series High Bay Light 4000K and it stops working or becomes dim the user can just contact Hyperlite’s Support Service, and Hyperlite will provide the instructions for the returning process to get a replacement.

Hero Series LED High Bay Lights are IP65 rated that means they are sturdy, weather resistant, dust and moist proof one can even use them outdoors. Hero Series LED High Bay Lights are durable and rugged LED fixtures that do not contain glass or similar to glass breakable materials, they do not contain mercury or other harmful substances.

Hero Series LED High Bay Lights are directional lights and that increases their lighting efficiency, you do not waste energy or light spread to the sides or ceiling where you would not need it, you just have the light where you want it lit.

With Hero Series LED High Bay Lights you have a better CRI (color rendering index) (Black Hero Series 70Ra, White Hero Series 80Ra, Tale Series 80Ra, Apollo Series 70Ra) than any other type of traditional lighting, that means you can use them to actually see the true colors of products and be more accurate if you are going to use them at work, at a design studio office or workshop for example.

Hero Series and Apollo Series High Bay Lights come with a two wire 1-10V dimming function and Radar Series additionally can be equipped with Motion Sensors. Hyperlite UFO LED High Bay Lights are more controllable than other traditional lamps, it is even possible to get a Remote Controller for  Radar Series Motion Sensors.

Hero Series LED High Bay Lights feature a 100% aluminum alloy housing and heat sink, that provides excellent heat dissipation preventing LED components damage and increases its hours of operation. Hero Series LED High Bay Lights’ compact and simple housing design makes them strong, durable and lightweight compared to most typical traditional high bay lights.

Hero Series and Radar Series can be installed with an accessory Surface Mount in order to perform a flush mounting install. Hero Series High Bay Lights can be equipped with an accessory Acrylic Reflector. Hyperlite Hero Series LED High Bay Lights and Will Series Linear LED High Bay Lights can be wired and connected to low voltage 1-10V LED dimmers.

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