Which are the best LED grow lights?

Which are the best LED grow lights?

Which are the best LED grow lights?

Speaking about LED grow lights, we need to consider many aspects, LED grow lights must be available in different wattages suitable for small growing spaces or tents. It is a great advantage also if lights are modular and can be connected with one another with easy daisy chain set up. Additionally since LED allows for further controllability, LED grow lights should come with an easy way to set them up like a smart phone app. You should be able to turn them on and off remotely as well as to adjust brightness. Great LED grow lights should not come with any noisy cooling fan but with a wonderful heat-sink system.

Well actually Groplanner LED Grow Lights by Hyperlite come with all those features and more!

Groplanner LED Grow Lights come in 100w and you can group several lights together to get 200w with 2 lights, 400w with 4 lights, etc. With Flexible daisy chain connection, smart quick lock design and adjustable pulley system you can maximize your grow space for bigger harvests and higher yields. You can  connect up to 8 Groplanner Lights together.

Groplanner LED Grow Lights come with a built-in smart Wi-Fi control chip that can be paired with your smart phone to get the smart control of your grow lights. Get the “Tuya Smart” app from App Store or Google Play and connect Groplanner LED Grow Lights to your 2.4G Wi-Fi, by doing this you can turn your  on or off Groplanner LED Grow Lights, use the dimming function or control the schedule timing of your Groplanner LED Grow Lights.

Groplanner LED Grow Lights are full spectrum grow lights, this feature can help you get 30% higher yield, full spectrum optimizes your plants development from seed to flower. Groplanner LED Grow Lights are truly energy efficient with a 170lm per watt ratio, this promotes rapid growth.

Groplanner LED Grow Lights’ Tuya App provides convenient control with Wi-Fi capability, you can control dimming and timing really easily. The family group mode helps you connect multiple Groplanner LED Grow Lights together in order to control them individually or grouped.

With Groplanner LED Grow Lights you will feel safe, with their larger heat dissipation system, faster and efficient heat conduction performance, avoid risk of overheating in your planting area.

Your plants will love Groplanner LED Grow Lights with this lights you will be able to take care of your plants during every stage of growth, Groplanner LED Grow Lights provide the whole light spectrum necessary for your plants best development. Blue light 5000k, it accelerates stem growth and sprout. White light 3000K, this one promotes photosynthesis improving nutrients absorption. Red light 660nm, this one speeds up the flowering and fruit production stages. IR light 760nm, this one helps plants produce greater yields.

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