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Can any LED light be used as a grow light?

Tony Black |

What is a LED light?
These lights known as Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) they had a great impact in the lighting industry. They are smaller than the traditional (incandescent) incandescent light and its light bulbs are extremely efficient.
With the technological advances that we have in this time the LED lights offer us countless advantages over the traditional lights, we will see those advantages later.


Benefits of using LED Lights:

·Longer Life: LED lights have longer operational lifetime expactations that far surpass traditional (incandescent) lights. Many LED lights have a rated life of up to 50,000 hours, this is approximately 50 times longer than a traditional (incandescent) light.

  • Energy Efficiency: LED lights are more energy efficient because use at least 75% less energy than the traditional (incandescent) lights.
  • Durable Quality: LED can withstand rough conditiosn as they are less breakable and with little maintenance they will be 50 or more times longer than a traditional (incandescent) light.
  • Light Dispersement: LED lights achieve higher application efficiency.
  • Low-Voltage: LED lights are designed to run on low voltage (12 – 24 V) direct current electricity.
  • High-Voltage: As we see in the last point the LED lights can run on low voltage, and can runo n high voltage (100 – 277 V) alternating current electricity.
  • Zero UV Emissions: LED lights do not any UV light.
  • Instant Lighting and Frequent Switching: LED lights can cycle on and off instantly and repeatedly.
  • Operational in Extremely Cold or Hot Temperatures: This is a good new for you because no matter where are you do not need to worry about purchasing a light that can withstand the climate you are in.
  • Design Flexibility: LED lights provides powerful flexible design features.
  • Safer than traditional: While traditional (incandescent) lights heat up and burn out, LED lights conserve energy and stay cool to the touch they pose less of a fire and burn hazard than heat generating lights like the traditionals (incandescent)
  • Resistant: LED lights are not made of glass as the traditional (incandescent) lights this makes LEd lights far more rugged and durable than traditional (incandescent) lights.
As we see the LED Lights are such a great option and at Hyperlite we have products of quality and we can offer our Hyperlite LED lights in different series, types and styles so you can choose the one you like and you can use any LED lights to grow plants but that does not mean that your plants will receive what they need and our Hyperlite Led Grow light is ideal to provide the light spectrum to help in the photosynthesis process of your plants.

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