Where I Should Have a Pendant Light?

Where I Should Have a Pendant Light?

You can use pendant light fixtures inside any indoor area, but there are some specific areas inside your home where this type of fixture can be a must: over the kitchen island, at the entryway, over the dining room table and over the bathroom vanity.

Over the kitchen island a pendant light fixture can be a very important interior design addition, especially if your kitchen island is often used by family and friends to share the most delicious moments anytime during the day. Even if you only use your kitchen island for preparing every day meals or special dishes a pendant light can provide the needed accent to that important working surface.

Depending on your house design layout you may have an entryway which will need a distinctive interior design accent, the mentioned feature can be achieved by installing a nice medium sized pendant light, specifically if you do not have room for a large chandelier inside this passage area.

A pendant light over the dining room can be the necessary addition in order to create the desired focal point in one of the most important areas at home. Of course you will need to choose the matching style with your interior design concept and decoration. Nowadays modern and industrial design pendant lights are in style.

Another important area inside home is the bathroom vanity; you can have a small or medium sized pendant light in this area improving the interior design with that distinctive touch.

Hyperlite recently launched the all new Galental Industrial and Glass Lampshade Pendant Lights. The Galental Industrial Pendant Lights are adjustable in size, will look really good in small to medium sized rooms. The Industrial Sputnik Chandeliers are made of high quality brushed metal, solid transparent glass lampshades which will provide a modern touch to the selected area inside the household. This industrial style LED pendant lights will be perfect for any important family area.

With its stylish design the new Galental Industrial Pendant Lights come with 6 modern clear glass globe shaped lampshades, with its classic two color design it will provide an attractive and particular look to your dining room, living room or kitchen. The new Galental Industrial Pendant Lights come with a slopped adapter design and adjustable height, these features make them very versatile, suitable for several ceiling types. The new Galental Industrial Pendant Lights are of easy assembly and installation; they come with LED bulbs, E12 socket, they come with the included 6pcs 4W LED warm white modern bulbs.

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