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How long do led pendant lights last?

Tony Black |

In order to answer this question we need to know some features of our Hyperlite Galental Industrial Pendant light. First of all you will receive our Hyperlite Galental Industrial Pendant light with 3 Eco-friendly LED Bulbs however you can use any E12 bulb and change the bulbs according to your preference but we at Hyperlite want to provide high quality products and some of them will be ready to use or with an easy installation that is the reason that you will receive 3 bulbs with our Hyperlite Galental Industrial Pendant light and we do this because you trusted us.

we want to continue building an excellent relationship between customer and supplier because we want you to be happy for the quality and functionality of all our products and more now with our new Hyperlite Galental Industrial Pendant light. We need to know what an E12 bulb is; the letter "E" signifies an Edison screw base. The two digits after the letter "E" indicates the diameter of the screw base, in millimeters - 12 millimeters, or approximately half an inch.

Normally E12 LED Bulbs have a life span of 20000 to 30000 hrs. Then we have other features that we need to see because our Hyperlite Galental Industrial Pendant light will come with a flush mount ceiling so you will not have any problem if you want to install our Hyperlite Galental Industrial Pendant light at different angles. Only the space where the lights go has a length of 420mm (16.5’’) and a width of 1370mm (54’’), then we have the chain to total length is 1370mm (54’’) we have another option to use the Hyperlite Galental Industrial Pendant light without its chain and the total length is 520mm (21’’).

Just imagine our Hyperlite Galental Industrial Pendant light and you can adapt it about the angles and its length. We are very happy because for its design it is a light that will also serve as a decoration because it is attractive and elegant. You can use our Hyperlite Galental Industrial Pendant light over your kitchen, your living room, dining room, entryway, corridor or even over your bar (if you have one) it will look so nice and elegant and you will impress all your guests, you will also feel in a cozy atmosphere. Choosing Hyperlite is choosing high quality LED Lights products and we’ll be here to help you throughout the process of lighting your building.

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