Where can linear high bay be used?

Where can linear high bay be used?

If you really want to make a difference in your space and to have a good illumination for your needs. Then, you need a good knowledge of the benefits, limitations, and use for the led linear high bay light products.

Besides having different costs and efficiencies, there are several types of fixtures available. Linear high bays is one of them. The type of light best for you can depend on your personal taste as well as what tasks you’ll be performing under it.

Linear high bay lights may be more familiar to you. They're the lights you see in pretty much every grocery store and warehouse you visit. They are designed to look like the T8 bulbs, but they have nothing in common.

High bay lights are typically used in industrial, warehouse, manufacturing, and aviation settings. Although high bay lights used to mostly be round, there are now round, linear (and other) LED high bay lights – depending on the application. Whether round or linear, their form comes primarily from their function, rather than the desired design aesthetic.

One of the most know features and differences might be that circular fixtures create circular beams, and rectangular fixtures create rectangular beams. It sounds basic and even logical but it’s very important to know that because the shape of a fixture is not only for aesthetics. Different fixture form factors cast different beam sizes and shapes. For example, our Sky series and Will series (usually 120 or 90 degrees) Linear High Bays will cast rectangular beams, so they will efficiently distribute light over areas such as aisles and long workbenches. Keeping shape and beam size in mind will help you when you are creating your lighting design. This is why Hyperlite wants to remember you that we provide you the best recommendation for your Project providing you a free design if you need it.

Let’s get back to our main concern. For example, LED Linear High Bay Lights are a Great Choice for Warehouse lighting. They usually are easy to install (with two grabber cables in most of the cases) and easy to connect with the junction box over the fixture. They become popular for their wide light distribution (120° degree), they are a great choice for going LED and saving energy.

Linear lights are great for really large buildings because they illuminate more space at one time. Linear lights can be long and wide or long and skinny. If your space has a lot of aisles or shelving, long linear lights are the best option. You can install the lights over each aisle so all your product is illuminated. 

Round LED high bays certainly have their universal application, but if we are going to illuminate long workbenches or a production line, we may get more efficient results from a rectangular linear high bay.

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