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Where can UFO high bay be used?

K. Karly |

Round High-bay lights or more often know as UFO lights, as other types of lights are used to illuminate spaces with high ceilings because of its powerful light source that can brighten up a large area. But, what kind of high bay light to use is is usually a topic of confusion for our customers.

Most of the time and because of his power, high-bay lights are natural fits for commercial and industrial uses, but they have multiple applications across for workshops, factories and assembly lines or even facilities and gyms. The main reasons will be explained next.

One of the main reasons is that high bay light provides clear, uniform lighting below it focusing his power in a specific area with little glare. Other customers prefer to spread the glare with the use of a reflector or some times they want to diffuse the lighting to illuminating shelves and other elevated objects in the ceiling.

This is why these high bay lights are completely functional for other projects like illuminating large conference halls, event centers, hangars, and other large, cavernous buildings.

The first round or UFO LED High bays were modeled simulating the old halide lamps that used to illuminate many traditional high ceiling spaces and them replaced. In most cases, the existing fixture configuration of the space determines which type of UFO high bay to choose. For this other reason, if you are replacing an old halide lamp with the new UFO LED high bays, then UFO high bays would be the ones to choose from.

Now not only save the space and the “external” features. The environment is prone to harsh conditions such as dust, moisture, or wáter which can damage a regular LED light not designed for this environment variations. Our LED UFO high bays are IP65 rated, providing the fixture with protection from such harsh conditions.

Of course, the shape of the fixture is very important and is not only for aesthetics. Different fixture form factors cast different beam sizes and shapes. Our UFO Premium Compact Design, 100% aluminum, makes our high bay led lighting the most effective option. Best quality materials and craftsmanship means of course more lifespan and the Round-shaped will cast cone-shaped beams (120° degrees) making this product suitable for light distribution on your space in a more focused and controlled way.

The UFO high bay lighting choice can increase safety while maximizing energy efficiency and boosting productivity for your project. Hyperlite has for you Three Lighting solutions available for all your needs. Don’t forget we also provide free design recommendations for free to our potential customers and all the information you need is right here.

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