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Where can High Bay Lights be used?

Tony Black |

High Bay Lights, as their name indicates, are powerful sources of light generally used under higher ceilings, they can be installed at 15ft or higher. High bay lights common applications include industrial and commercial settings such as pole barn shops, detailing shops, large storage areas, malls, high ceiling stores, churches, gymnasiums, indoor sport courts, indoor sports fields, large hall rooms, large and high ceiling garages, etc., everywhere a powerful source of light is necessary and usually installed higher than 14ft. Thanks to the latest technological advancements nowadays high bay lights have been upgraded with much better LED components which importantly and very significantly improve the fixtures’ lifespan and energy efficiency even up to five times compared to older or traditional high bay lights. Since LEDs are rugged and tough high bay lights became more durable and resistant against weather conditions, water and dust. As a good example Hyperlite produces UFO LED High Bay Lights which are IP65 grade which means they are weather resistant, suitable for wet locations and can even be used outdoors. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights are highly energy efficient with up to 135lumens per watt, they use less power and produce more light, that means grater savings in energy utility bills for the final user. Some years ago to purchase LED fixtures was not very convenient because they were too expensive and the did not come with a warranty, you could use your inverted money if the light became broken or suddenly stopped working, but nowadays by purchasing Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights you are entitled to a five year warranty against quality issues and if so ever happens you would get a brand new replacement, so your investment is well backed up, therefore to rely on Hyperlite is a very intelligent decision in order to save lots of energy (or equals) money month after month and year after year. Hyperlite currently offers three lines of LED high bay lights with the common round shape and light distribution factor: Radar Series, Hero Series and Saturn Series. Radar Series is the newest one, Radar Series can be equipped with an accessory motion sensor sold separately, you can use Radar Series with this motion sensing accessory to save more energy and money adding enhanced controllability to your LED’s through a remote controller, also available as an additional purchase, to configure different settings. Hero Series is dimmable and comes with great accessory options, the 60 Degree Acrylic Reflector and a “U” bracket called Surface Mount Hero Series, Hero Series comes with a 110v Standard plug and is available in 4000K. Saturn Series comes with a Mean Well Driver and has the same features as Hero Series. So do not hesitate and visit for more information.

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