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When to use LED Reflector –Hero Series

K. Karly |

Hyperlite Hero Series LED High Bay Lights are brighter than traditional lighting, fluorescent and incandescent lamps are some examples of traditional lights, that is because Hyperlite Hero Series LED High Bay Lights are several times more energy-efficient than incandescent or fluorescent lights. That is one of the reasons why we provide lighting recommendations or suggestions to our customers so they can choose and get the best lighting solution to fit their intended applications. Sometimes for many specific reasons customers might choose higher wattages for their Hyperlite Hero Series LED High Bay Lights than the usually recommended by Hyperlite, for those types of applications we recommend the use of the LED Reflector –Hero Series accessory which will help reduce undesired glare and spread the light out more evenly.

If you fill that your Hero Series LED High Bay Lights produce too much light or you fill blinded and uncomfortable we recommend you to use LED Reflector –Hero Series, it will improve light spread, distribution, and efficient scattering effect. One of our customers said she felt de-blinded after using LED Reflector –Hero Series, they are the best solution for this issue. Additionally, you can use our 0-10v Dimmer to control the brightness intensity.

LED Reflector –Hero Series sits over Hero Series High Bay Light to alter its beam of light, Hyperlite Hero Series LED High Bay Lights produce a 120-degree beam of light, with LED Reflector –Hero Series the beam of light is decreased to 60 degrees but at the same time Light is dispersed or distributed better, most customers found it was an easy install, just twist and screw. Other customers might call LED LED Reflector –Hero Seriesa diffuser for Hyperlite Hero Series LED High Bay Lights because it enhances horizontal light diffusion.

LED Reflector –Hero Series comes in two colors milky (frosted) and clear (transparent), from visual sense perspective milky reflector s seem to have a slightly better light scattering effect, other than that there is no substantial difference between milky and clear effect to the lighting application result.

LED Reflector –Hero Series will make the light produced by Hyperlite Hero Series LED High Bay Lights look more elegant and pleasant to everyone’s sight. You can get better results by using LED Reflector –Hero Series, it distributes light much more and better, some customers told it doubles Hero Series High Bay Lights brightness (Amazon review for Clear Reflector Hero Series). LED Reflector –Hero Seriesis compatible with every size of Hero Series High Bay Lights. The dimensions of LED Reflector –Hero Series is 16’’ by 16’’ by 7’’.

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