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What lights are used to grow indoor plants?

Tony Black |

We can find a lot of brands and products on the internet but we want to talk about what makes a plant grow and some features of our Hyperlite LED Grow Lights “O” and “I” Series.

What makes plants grow? The vital needs of a plant are very much like our own they need light, water, air, nutrients and a proper temperature. Most habitat  components act on a plant simultaneously and should be considered together, the lack of one essential component can determine the health of a plant. As we see there are many factors that makes plants grow but for this moment we need to focus in two of them Light and Proper temperature.

Light reaching the surface of a plant is either absorbed, reflected or transmitted. Energy in the energy form of sunlight or light is one of the driving forces in the chemical reaction known as Photosynthesis and is the process by which Green plants manufacture food, mainly sugars from carbon dioxide and wáter in the presence of chlorophyll (a green pigment), utilizing light energy and releasing oxygen and water.

Seed may start to gorw (germinate) without light, but the plant growing from it must have light if it is to continue to grow. Temperature is the most important environmental factor affecting plant growth, the climate and temperature of an area determines what kinds of plants will grow.

Fortunately we at Hyperlite have and special product for your plants.
The Hyperlite LED Grow Lights are ideal for your plants because it will provide a well-defined light spectrum.

Some features of our LED Grow Lights “O” and “i” Series are between this values: Blue light 5000K that accelerate stem growth and promote plants sprout. White light 3000K  this one promote Photosynthesis rate, help plants get more nutrients. Red light 660nm speeds up the flowering and fruiting stage, get more crops. IR light 760nm speeds up the Phytochrome conversión, promote plants to produce greater yields.

They are high efficiency LED designed for multiple or single level cultivation of cannabis and other sunflower crops.The sunlike full spectrum helps accelerate photosynthesis and generate a greater return on leafy greens, herbs, microgreens and cannabis, as well as specialty crops and flowers that have quick production cycles.

You can Daisy chain LED Grow Light O Series until 900w together.
Using Hyperlite LED Grow Lights is the best option for you and your plants.

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