Can LED Grow Lights Be Used In A Greenhouse?

Can LED Grow Lights Be Used In A Greenhouse?

Can LED Grow Lights Be Used In A Greenhouse?

In simple words a greenhouse (green house, glass house or hot house) is a room, part of a building or building where plants that need a special temperature and illumination environment are grown.

During the day the greenhouse concentrates heat from the received sunlight. The sun’s rays heat the building, soil and plants. With a greenhouse plants are protected from low temperatures and sunlight is magnified increasing light and heat. Inside the greenhouse structure humidity and temperature can be controlled to grow specific plants which need this type of weather conditions.

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Greenhouses can get very or too hot, and to control the heat they should have windows, vents, fans or air conditioning systems to control hot air when necessary. For some locations where winters are very cold and long, sunlight heat is not enough to heat the greenhouse as desired to sustain plants, in these cases the use of heating equipment is necessary to keep a warm temperature (around 65 degrees Fahrenheit).

Where sunlight is not adequate for long periods of time LED Grow Lights and heating systems can be necessary. LED Grow Lights are the best solution especially during cloudy long winters.

Hyperlite LED Grow Lights can be very useful for green houses when sunlight is not enough as they provide full spectrum light including blue and red light necessary to encourage the better growth of plants. Generally a greenhouse will require six hours of full spectrum light per day. Supplemental lighting can be used; you can use Groplanner O Series or Groplanner I Series to promote every development stage of your plants such as flowering, growth and yield.

With Groplanner O Series and Groplanner I Series you can increase your yields up to 30% more compared to other grow lights, their full spectrum (400~700nm, 660nm, and IR 760nm) helps to optimize and complete your plants development and all growth stages from seed to flower.

Groplanner O Series provides Blue Light 5000K which accelerates stem growth and promote plants sprout, White Light 3000K which promotes plants photosynthesis, helping plants get more nutrients, Red Light 660nm which speeds up the flowering and fruiting stages, Infra-Red Light 760nm which speeds up the Phytochrome conversion thus helping produce greater yields.

Other important aspect to take care of is to have in mind the surface area. If you are planning to just have a tent or a larger greenhouse you will certainly need to know your plants surface area which will need to be adequately covered with suitable LED Grow Lights.

By using the appropriate quantity number of LED Grow Lights per surface area you will ensure the plants successful photosynthesis and healthy development. Here we have some surface area coverage examples with Groplanner O Series: A 100w Groplanner O Series LED Grow Light provides vegetative coverage for a 2.5x2.5ft area, and flowering coverage for a 2x2ft area; a 200w Groplanner O series LED Grow Light provides vegetative coverage for a 3x4ft area, and flowering coverage for a 2x4ft area; a 600w Groplanner O series LED Grow Light provides vegetative coverage for a 6x6ft area, and flowering coverage for a 5x5ft area.

Groplanner O series LED Grow Lights come with a built-in smart Wi-Fi control chip and can be controlled through the Tuya mobile phone app with on/off switching, dimming and timing features.

The LED Grow Lights you choose should be durable, sturdy and well-made. Groplanner O Series and Groplanner I Series are made using best quality materials and manufacture with a longer lifespan of over 60,000 hours of operation and backed up with 3 years of warranty against quality related issues.       

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