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What is A High Bay Light Fixture?

Tony Black |

For starters let us define what a high bay light is… A high bay light is, as its name declares, a powerful source of light generally used to illuminate larger areas with higher ceilings above 20ft high. High bay lights are usually found in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, large gymnasiums, indoor sports fields, large community center halls, store and shopping malls, working shops, large garages, theaters, churches and a long list of other huge buildings.

Nowadays most high bay lights are comprised of LED drivers and LED panels or are currently in the process of being upgraded to LED high bay lights. LED is the shortened term for light-emitting diode, which is today’s most energy efficient and rapidly developed lighting technology. Quality LED panels are more durable and offer the best lighting quality in the market, especially if compared against traditional older types of lighting.

LED High Bay Lights can be found in many different types and shapes, the most common and popular types are the round shaped UFO high bay lights and the rectangular or linear LED high bay lights. As some good examples we can share with you… we have Hyperlite’s Hero Series UFO High Bay Lights and Will Series High Bay Lights. UFO high bay lights are better recommended for open areas whereas linear high bay lights are more suitable for busy areas full of shelves and aisles.

With these two types of LED High Bay Lights you have many options. With Hero Series High Bay Lights you have different options for the respective ceiling heights 100w is for 10ft to 13ft ceilings, 150w is for 14ft to 17ft, 200w is for 18ft to 20ft high installations, and 250w is for 21ft high ceilings and above. Similarly Will Series LED High Bay Lights 2ft-110w is for 10ft to 13ft ceilings, 2ft-160w is for 14ft to 17ft, 4ft-220w is for 18ft to 20ft high installations, and 4ft-320w is for 21ft high ceilings and above.

Hero Series UFO High Bay Lights are available in two different color temperatures 4000K (daylight, warmer color with more yellow in it) and 5000K (cool-light, cooler color with more blue in it also called true white light). Will Series LED High Bay Lights is 5000K only. With LED high bay lights we can have many new features including enhanced controllability with diming, motion sensing, emergency battery backup options and more.

Will Series LED High Bay Lights for example can be equipped with accessory motion sensors which can be controlled and set up using a remote controller; also Will Series High Bay Lights can be equipped with emergency battery backups. So with the latest technology breakthroughs we have more and more options and features yet to be seen in the near future.

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