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What are the benefits of Radarseries high bay light with motion sensor?

Tony Black |

LED high bay lights are used typically for Warehouses, barns, or even convention centers. These LED high bay lights provide high lumen output at a low cost. When switching to LED light options, one will be able to explore several advantages. One of them, the motion sensor feature, obviously will cost a little extra. Therefore, some commercial spaces may install less costly options when they are offering the same LED advantages. But with the motion sensor feature, you are likely to save more electricity costs in the long run.

LED high bay lights with motion sensors are easily available. You should definitely choose them if you want convenience and to save money. You can reduce your energy consumption and electric bill to less than 50% or 40%, Hyperlite LED high bay lights to use high efficiency LED chips which are among the most energy-efficient sources of light in the market.

Furthermore, the motion sensor technology allows you to control the illumination and the use for your project even more than expected.

Our newest high bay Radar Series, with a motion sensor option, provides excellent Lighting Performance. HYPERLITE high bay Radar Series has passed DLC energy efficiency certification. For example, 100W reaches 14000 lumens, which is equivalent to the traditional 450W high-pressure sodium lamp.

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