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What are the benefits of LED Parking lot lights with photocell?

Tony Black |

Why do we have parking lot lights installed outside on the sidewalk or illuminating the outdoor yard or patio? Mainly for access, security, safety and protection. Add to that energy savings, the longest lifespan, automatic on/off switching control and you will get the ideal LED parking lot light. With the application of the latest technology LED parking lot lights offer much more benefits. With LED parking lot lights you get energy savings month after month and year after year, because with LED parking lot lights you get much more light using less energy. For example Top Series Parking Lot Lights by Hyperlite produces 135 Lumens per Watt, four to five times more light compared to traditional sources of light. Another example with a 150w Top Series Parking lot light you can lit up a 57 diameter when the shoe box parking lot light is installed at 20ft high, equivalent to a 400W HID traditional light. Other important aspect of LED parking lot lights and specifically for Top Series Parking Lot Lights is that this type of lights are directional lights, that means that no light is wasted in every direction, you have the light beam where you need it. With LED components Parking Lot Lights have increased lifespan and use less maintenance. Top Series Parking Lot Lights come with a longer lifespan over 60,000 hours of operation. With a photocell accessory or dusk to dawn function you increase energy savings and efficiency. Top Series Parking Lot Lights come with blue light sense, the dusk to dawn automatic switching function, beautiful housing design, self-cleaning flow back design. TOP Series come with a tightly protected  power supply with built-in aprons, extremely easy and light maintenance and installation, thanks to its card buckle design (two buckles and a hinged swing wiring box). Enhanced durability due to environmentally friendly powder coating formulated for better durability and long-lasting color. Top Series Parking Lot Lights are Type 3 light distribution, (can be also available in other types of distribution). Currently Top Series Parking Lot Lights are available with Trunion Mounting and Adjustable Pole Mounting options. Top Series Parking Lot Lights are UL certified, DLC listed, IP65 moist and dust proof, suitable for wet locations, weather resistant and they come with a five years warranty against quality issues, approximate lifespan over 60,000 hours of operation, they come with a photocell cap and shorting cap, input voltage AC100V to 277V, they perform well under lower temperatures, operation temperature range -40 Fahrenheit to 104 Fahrenheit. Please do not hesitate to contact Hyperlite if you have any questions or if you need more details about LED products and more, you can shoot us an email to or call our Toll Free Number.

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