What are the benefits of LED High Bays and Shop Lights?

What are the benefits of LED High Bays and Shop Lights?

In the previous post we discuss the benefits of using High Bay Lights Shop lights (linear high bays) or both for the same project. Hyperlite LED Lights products can protect your economy and the environment. How? with energy savings that also means money savings for a long period of time. LED lights can save you 50 to 60% energy consumption compared to common traditional fluorescent or metal halide lamps.

Because of their shape and purpose as directional lights you can adapt them for different locations and projects. In fact, our Hyperlite products are designed not only to illuminate but to provide you the best lighting efficiency possible. If you don’t want to waste power energy or lumens spreading to the sides of your project or to illuminate the ceiling unnecessarily them the High bays and shop lights are the indicated for you.

And, since this is the kind of job that demands you a lot of effort to install several lights, we want to mention you that Hyperlite LED Lights have a longer life span with 50,000 hours of operation compared to 30,000 or fewer hours of operation of traditional sources of light, so it means that you are not going to change them in a while.

In terms of resistance, our products are IP65 rated. That certifies that they are sturdy, weather resistant, dust and moist proof and even you can use them outdoors without any inconvenience. In fact, all of the products are built to last, durable, and rugged LED fixtures that do not contain glass or similar to glass breakable materials, they do not contain mercury or other harmful substances in comparations to the traditional fluorescent or metal halide lamps.

So, be sure that LED high bay and LED shop lights are the best option compared to other lights that are becoming obsolete and harmful for the environment. Hyperlite wants to provide you the best options for your project whether if you are an electrician, contractor, distributor, or a regular home customer. You just need to contact us and we will be glad to provide you the best options and recommendations for your projects.

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