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The patron saint in the bathroom

K. Karly |

Toilet is indispensable in our daily life.We daily wash hands wash clothes to solve the inside urgent need the help of toilet, some area is bigger toilet still and shower is in together, when coming off work blunt hot bath, relax mood, reduce working pressure, increase quality source for the sleep at night.

But for every child, the bathroom is still the focus of horror stories.A lot of ghost film material comes from toilet, the arm that sticks out shower head, the head that shows suddenly on the roof.Scared of many children at night rather than go to the bathroom pants.

Actually all this is because the lamp quality of toilet is bad, take a bath when can produce a lot of water drop again, hide in chimney inside, cause damage to lamp tube, bulb flicker flicker of produced a lot of horror story!The Hyperlite 100w high bay USES advanced lighting technology that USES more power but is more durable. The Hyperlite 100w high bay lights has a waterproof feature inside it that allows for quick drying even if water accidentally gets in.The unique design of the Hyperlite 100w high bay lamp has nothing to do with the horror story. The Hyperlite 100w high bay lamp is very clear, illuminating not only the bathroom but also the area at the door of the bathroom.The Hyperlite 100w high bay doesn't flicker even if there's a short circuit problem, but instead cuts power directly, greatly reducing the amount of fear to children.

Only the Hyperlite 100w high bay could make such a perfect lamp.

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