Preserve 100w UFO led artifacts in the history museum

Preserve 100w UFO led artifacts in the history museum

Human beings have a history of opportunities. During such a long period of production and life, they have left behind many splendid civilizations, among which there are many spiritual and material civilizations.

Spiritual civilization has been passed down through books or other means. Many civilizations have survived through oral transmission due to the lack of their own characters. This is called intangible cultural heritage.There is also the case that these civilizations permeate into the traditional culture, involving all aspects of our lives, and more prominent as our present traditional festivals, we celebrate the way to commemorate these handed down to the festival.However, among all the cultural relics, cultural relics are the best evidence of the existence of civilization and the proof of the existence of culture.However, most of the cultural relics are fragile, because they have gone through the time of washing, has not been as durable as just finished manufacturing, plus no light suddenly exposed, cultural relics almost appear in different degrees of oxidation, so for the protection of cultural relics is very important.

The no. 1 killer of artefacts lighting, the Hyperlite 100w UFO led high bay light has no intention of harming artefacts at all.The Hyperlite 100w UFO led is in the museum, just right brightness, and stable, and will not appear to suddenly increase the brightness to harm the artifacts.The Hyperlite 100w UFO led has the eye protection function and can better observe the surface of the artifacts with the help of the Hyperlite 100w UFO led.

The biggest highlight of the Hyperlite 100w UFO led is the lampshade, which is in line with the museum's sense of technological history.The Hyperlite 100w UFO led reduces the damage of the lamp temperature to the cultural relics due to its high openness and fast heat dissipation.

To protect cultural relics is to protect our civilization.

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