Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights great benefits

Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights great benefits

Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights great benefits

Hyperlite offers three lines of LED High Bay Lights: Saturn Series, Hero Series and Radar Series with great benefits and features. The most important benefit is their advanced LED technology providing highest energy efficiency, lower power consumption, powerful and brighter illumination, easy installation, directional lighting, LED dimming functions, wide beam angle, premium quality materials and manufacture, ruggedness and durability, 50,000 hours of operation lifespan, and a five-year warranty against quality related issues.

Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights are powerful fixtures recommended for large indoor areas, they are the best option in the market for buildings with higher ceilings providing better distribution and spread of very bright light. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights energy efficiency is amongst the highest in the market producing up to 140 Lumens per Watt, which means you use less power to produce more light, saving important amounts of money in utility bills. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights are sturdy, rugged and durable, Saturn Series, Hero Series and Radar Series are IP65 grades moist a dustproof and that means that you can even use them outdoors and they are suitable for damp places, covered areas and can work in temperatures ranging from -40 to 131 degree Fahrenheit.

Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights are available throughout the United States of America, you can order them on Amazon or through our website hi-hyperlite.com

Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights feature a 100% aluminum alloy housing and heat sink, that provides excellent heat dissipation preventing heat damage to LED components and increases its hours of operation. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights compact and simple housing design makes them strong, durable and lightweight beating most typical traditional high bay lights.

Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights Hero series comes in two finish colors Black  and White, also you have the 5000K and 4000K color temperature alternatives and many wattage options (60w only in White Hero Series, 100w, 150w, 200w, and 250w) from 14000 lumens to 35000 lumens, Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights Hero series are dimmable and can be equipped with LED reflectors (LED Reflector – Hero Series) to make the light more comfortable and reduce the beam angle from 120 to 60 degree. Also, Hero Series UFO LED High Bay Lights can be mounted using the standard “US hook” or the optional Surface Mount – Hero Series accessory.  Hero Series UFO LED High Bay are installed in three minutes because they come with a 5’ cable and 110v US plug, to prevent fall accidents it comes with a safety wire. Additionally you can get LED Reflector - Hero Series which works as a diffuser and makes the light more comfortable to the sight and improves the fixture look.

Saturn Series UFO LED High Bay Lights have the same features as Hero Series, with a Mean Well driver and currently only available in the 250w - 5000K version (35000 lumens).

Radar Series UFO LED High Bay Lights are the new addition to the UFO style line, with improved design, industrial look, and anti-glare Fresnel ring shaped lens, they are available in 5000K color temperature, and in 100w, 150w, 200w, and 250w (from 14000 lumens to 35000 lumens). Radar Series UFO LED High Bay Lights are dimmable and can be equipped with Motion Sensor – Radar Series accessory, additionally, you have the option to get the motion sensor, remote controller, to set up many important options, Radar Series UFO LED High Bay Lights is hardwiring ready. For more products information please visit: https://hi-hyperlite.com/collections/led-high-bay-light

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