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How to choose parking lot lights

Tony Black |

LED area lighting will make a huge impact on the overall parking space in your area. It will change the outlook of it, the brightness of the area will increase. Our  parking lot light will not only emit higher-quality of light than those traditional light but also lower your maintenance cost.

Let’s us explaining the types of mounting units available for our Ares series:

The SFM stands for Slip Fitter Mount. This mounting unit is for round 2.5” light poles. Due to the M12 knuckle bolt you can adjust the aim 0 to 60°both upward and downward (90° to 180°) aiming in 15° increments positions. Best option for sidewalk and street lighting application.

ATM stands for adjustable pole mount (suitable for square and round pole). Also called horizontal straight arm mount, it is usually used for sidewalk and street lighting application, but it can be mostly attached to other different surfaces. So, this is the option for you if any of the others are not the correct for your needs.

TM stand s for Trunnion mount. This Trunnion accessory comes with M6 screws to Loosen and to adjust the fixture to the right angle, and the maximum is 60°. The best option for you in case you decide to mount the parking lot light in your garage wall or entrance. The M12 bolts use for the installation provide secure and solid installation of the Trunnion mount in any location. Most of our customers use it for garage and home entrance and some other application are outside security lighting and even night sport illumination.

So, if you want your parking lot to be brightly lit with the energy-saving lights then the outdoor LED lighting is your best option.

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