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How to choose a high-quality high bay light?

How to choose a high-quality high bay light?

How to choose a high-quality high bay light?

There are so many things to consider when selecting lights for your space and your needs. The most important thing to be considered is the features more than the accessories and the details in the shape or the looks.

Here we want to provide you with the most effective advises selecting the best light for you. These are 5 details to be considered for your purchase. Be sure that you will be satisfied with your products if you follow this simple step.   

The lumens per wat are very important, Hyperlite provides you with a large array of option for you to select, each one with different power options to adjust them to your projects. Whether this is a High bay light Hero series 100w which gives you 140lumens per watt or even a linear high bay like Will series 110w that gives you 130 lumens per watt. Another option is our Halo series which gives you 70 lumens per light for more comfortable house illumination.

The energy efficiency is one of the most important features that a knowledgeable client looks in a LED light in the general market. Some customers even believe that it’s the thing that matters after all. We are sure they are right, at least in a way. But how do you recognize the energy efficiency in a LED light fixture? The lux levels are the response. Some customers believe that more power is more efficient. In fact, choosing the correct level of Lux for your Project is the best way to obtain the best efficiency and to reduce shadows on your space. We Hyperlite have a premise, to provide the best customer service possible and to provide you the best options and recommendations for your project, and it means selecting the best light level for your premises. That’s why we offer you our free design recommendation option. We always want you to have the best experience with our products and assisting you finding the best efficiency is one of them.

Another very important detail to be taken into consideration will be the beam angle of the fixture. Most of our products are manufactured with a 120° angle to provide you with a good illumination option without losing efficiency on your Project. It means that you Will need to use fewer fixtures for your project depending on your illumination needs. For example, our Halo series provides you a 100° beam angle, while most of our other fixtures provide a 120° beam angle.

The LED light driver. Most of us have heard before about the gods of the LED light fixtures and how Good they are to save money because of it’s efficiency. The most important hardware piece in fact is the driver. Hyperlite Lighting warrants five years warranty from the date of purchase or 50,000 hours of operation. Most of LED lights in the market offer different warranty time periods, but Hyperlite gives you 5 years like most of the best and more efficient LED lights in the general market.