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Compared with traditional lights, the advantages of Hyperlite high bay?

K. Karly |

Hero series is one of the most sold and recommended High bay lights b our company and our customers. This “UFO High bay light”, as the customers prefer, has a mature function and accessory options like reflectors and a 1-10v dimmer feature. Hero series use Die-casting housing which is tougher. There is some of the benefits and advantages of our Top quality Hight Bay light, but how can you be sure it is the best option besides traditional lighting?

One of them is the versatile design and you have more wattage options for each kind of project and needs. The design is not just about the way to call our customers' attention, it is completely functional too because it’s the premium compact design of aluminum is part of a simple but effective heat dissipation system that prolongs the useful life of the unit. The most effective compact option on the market indeed. Hero high bay finished with using cold-forging technology, excellent heat dissipation, lower temperature, long lifetime, and lower depreciation.

The power consumption is less compared to traditional lighting. Maybe this is one of the most important reasons to consider that now Halogen and tungsten bulbs are practically banned in the USA. Hero series is adaptable to each type of your needs whether it is home or office illumination. Most f our customer prefers the new high bay light because it produces 5 times more illumination for the same power used by a traditional lighting product. Yes, our Hero series high bay produces 140 lumens per watt, for example, you Will get 14,000 lumens for a 100W fixture.  

The lifespan of our Hero series high bay light is more than 5 times the regular lifespan of a common traditional lighting fixture. LED lasts longer of course, but even if there is an issue with our fixture, which is unusual due to our high-quality manufacture process, Hero series provides you a 5 Year Warranty or 500000 hours of operation. Because Hyperlite wants you to save time and money by selecting a high-quality product that you can trust repeatedly.

Many other advantages in our Hero series is the dimmable option. With this option, we are sure the product Will be ideal for your home or office. A 100watt high bay dimmable is enough for a small office or home purposes the dimming option and its 120-degree beam angle encourages productivity and safety for your illumination Project.

Hyperlite high bay ceiling lights can be used indoors or outdoors. Ideal for factories, warehouses, and low bay needs like gym, shops, and shopping malls. UL IP65 approved.

Hero series has been designed to avoid flickering for many professional purposes. Most of our customers prefer our Hero high bay light series to illuminate a large space like industrial places, factories, workshops, warehouses, gymnasiums, supermarkets, toll stations, where there are high ceilings. the wide applicability makes high bay lights the ideal luminaire for most indoor scenes.

And, of course, after all these details you need to know that the installation is very simple compared to traditional lighting. Hyperlite designed this product to use a US hook and a 110v US plug with a 5-feet cable, to quickly install your Hero series LED lighting fixture. And, in case something happened, and safety wire comes as part of the product accessories to be sure that your product will be part of your project for a long, long time.

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