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Garage Lighting Guide - Why LED Lights are A Game-Changer!

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When it comes to lighting a Garage, we must keep in mind that the lighting we place there must fulfill one main function: to make it easier for us to access our car and leave the garage in complete safety. These are normally closed spaces without windows, sometimes they are below the ground, so we must include sufficient and functional lighting in our garage.
LED Garage Lights are the most innovative lighting solutions to date and can save you money on your electricity bill, have a longer lifespan than other lights, and put out more lumens than other lighting solutions.
Advantages of LED Garage Lighting
Greater visibility and safety are crucial when it comes to garage lighting. At Hyperlite we prioritize customer needs and feedback, and we have found that LED lighting fixtures are the ideal lighting products for garages.
LED lights provide bright, constant illumination, reducing shadows spots and dark corners in your garage. This improved visibility makes your garage safer for activities like working on your car, or even just parking your vehicle. Hyperlite continually improves its products to ensure our commercial lighting solutions meet your satisfaction.
Energy efficiency and cost savings.
The long-term cost savings that LED garage lights offer is another notable aspect. The commitment with the satisfaction of the customer is notorious in our LED commercial lights. These products not only outperform traditional lights but also contribute to a greener environment and lower electricity costs.
Longevity and low maintenance
When you invest in LED garage lighting, you are investing in long-lasting, low-maintenance solutions. Hyperlite’s garage LED lighting fixtures are designed for excellence, ensuring they stand the test of time. With reduced maintenance needs, you can spend more time enjoying your well-lit garage and less time on maintenance tasks.
Choosing the Right LED Lights for your Garage
Lighting a garage is not as easy as it looks. If we focus on interior lighting, products such as LED tubes or LED hexagon lights can be ideal to achieve a quality that combines low consumption power with high light output while guaranteeing easy installation and quality of the lights, which translates into optimal luminosity.
  • Brightness levels suitable for a garage environment. - 50 lumen per square foot of area us the minimum recommended by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) recommendations. A Two-car garage needs a minimum of 20.000 lumens, but it really depends on the dimensions of your garage.
  • Color temperature consideration. – Color temperature affects the mood of occupants and the overall ambiance of a space. For example, lights with temperatures below 3000k offer a warm light, creating a pleasant atmosphere that is not suitable for a workspace. In contrast lights with a color temperature above 4000k are on the cooler side of the spectrum making occupants feel alert.
  • Recommended fixtures for garage spaces. – At Hyperlite you can find Hexagon lights which are very nice looking and bright lights for your garage and also you can make them dimmable. We also offer outdoor lights for the entrance of your garage; you can visit our website and check our outdoor flood lights.
Installation Process
Hexagon lights are the most recommended option for garages due to their modern design, and here we have the installation instructions:
Connect the tubes by series as follows, each read circle requires its own power source.
How to install it on the ceiling
  1. Grid roof – Tie it with zip ties.
  1. Flat roof – Screw the connector from the hole to the ceiling directly
Please take note:
Before and after Showcase
Before Hyperlite:
After Hyperlite:
led garage light
Also, you can use our UFO LED Lights for your garage, one of our customers did that for his 26x40 14 foot ceiling, he used 6 pieces 150w from the Hero Series:
If you don’t trust us, trust the reviews of our happy customers!
Additional Garage Lighting Tips
You may need some extra tips before you install any light in your garage and here, we have them ready for you hoping it helps you to take the right decision.
  • Choose the light based on function, if you are going to do mechanic work in your garage, we will recommend you to light it up very well so you don’t have any shadow spots. Now if you only will use your garage as it is a Garage and only take IN/OUT your car you may no need to many lights.
  • Don’t go with too many watts for a low height ceiling, it can result being too bright and causing glare and eye discomfort, we don’t want that.
  • If you already have some fluorescent or incandescent light, you must know that choosing a 60w LED light is not the same as choosing a 60w incandescent light, we will recommend you to send us a message so we can make a layout for you and let you know how many lights you will need.
As you could see in this article, LED’s will reduce your bills, will make you space brighter and your garage will look way too much better due to the design of the lights.
If you are still unsure about switching to LED’s please think in the long-term benefit that these lights will bring. This is an investment and you will notice the change from second one, your wallet will be thankful. Also, LEDs are eco-friendly since they are not made with any type of toxic material like traditional lights.
Hyperlite offers pretty good options for your garage, which are in fact worth it, you won’t regret. We are committed to the quality of our lights and customer satisfaction, you can trust that your garage will be transformed into a versatile, well-lit space.

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