How to redeem points? (Points can be used directly as money)

Step 1: Upon entering the, click on "Reward" in the left sidebar.

step 1

Step 2: If you have already registered an account, click "Sign in."

If you haven't registered an account yet, please click "Join program."

step 2

Step 3: Click "Redeem points."

Step 4: Click "Redeem."

step 3

Step 5: You can use the plus and minus buttons or slide adjust to achieve the desired amount of points for redemption, then click "Redeem."

Step 6: Copy the generated coupon or click "Apply coupon now."

step 4

Note: To find unused but already redeemed points, please click "Reward list."

step 5


Terms & Conditions

1.Each order can use a maximum of 5000 points (1 point = 1 USD).
2.Points redemption cannot be combined with other coupons.
3. All Rights Reserved by Hyperlite.

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