Glitgate Wall Pack Light - Wall E series

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  • Can I get a photo-cell for the - Wall E series

    Unfortunatelly Wall Pack Light - Wall E Series is not compatible with any photo cell.

  • can this light be mounted facing up, to light up a sign or billboard?

    Yes, only one recommendation. Please check the instruction manual for the installation of the fixture.

  • Are any of your outdoor lights approved to be Dark Sky compliant? Thank you

    Thank you for your message. Please be more specific about the application for this fixture and we will be glad to provide you more details about the compliant of this unit.

  • In need of 2 overhead mounted lights for an attached carport.

    For 9ft hight we can recommend you 40w Glitgate Wall Pack Light Wall E Series.

  • is this light dimable?

    Yes, it can be dimable, please write an email to to check availability of the dimable version.

  • Can you replace the light bulb?

    Sorry. The fixture is designed to be completely replaced in case of an issue or a malfunctioning due to our 5-year warranty. For example, if you have problems with it you can contact us and provide the order information and we would be glad to send you a new fixture for free.

  • Does this light have a motion sensor?

    Hello wendell. Sorry. The wall pack comes with the dusk to dawn sensor but there is no motion sensor feature for the moment.