Hyperlite LED High Bay Light - Black Hero Series

Hyperlite Led High Bay Light - TALE Series

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  • Do you have ones with motion detention?

    Yes. Hello Adrian. Our tale series is the new generation of our UFO Highbay light and besides the other two fixtures (Apollo and Hero), it can be adapted to be used with the motion sensor option instead of the dimmable feature. You can choose which of those the products fit better to your own needs.

  • My shop, 40×80×14..has 2 rows of florcent lights(2bulb x 8') connected in series. In each row there are 3 groups of 3 fixtures, total of 9 fixtures per row. Each group of three fixtures is controlled with a seperate switch (120vac) How many of your fixtures do i need?

    Hello Ken. We thank you for your preference. We kindly recommend you to please send us some pictures of your space to have a good idea about the spacing and the type of lights so we can provide you with the best recommendation possible. Please send your details and information to our email and we will be glad to prepare you a design.

  • What is the difference between the 100w TALE series and the 100w HERO series? Is it just the plug? You quoted me 12 of the HERO for my shop, but my electrician doesn't want to void the warranty by cutting off the plug, so I am looking at the 100w TALE.

    Hello Jason. About your question. If you cut the wire of our product (in this case Hero series) and let's suppose that you notice any quality issue in the future you would not lose the warranty of this product. But in case you cut the wire and you want to exchange the fixture only for your personal preference or if just because you don' want this product anymore then, the warranty will not cover the replacement or exchange. So you can use the Hero series or the Tale series as you prefer.

  • Hi, My shop is 30’x40’ with a 15ft ceiling. I like the “tale” series high bay lights. How many do you recommend for my space? Thanks for your time.

    We recommend you to use 6 pieces 150w Tale Series for your shop.

  • Yes could you please tell me what would work best for my shop. I have a 50x80x18 I want it to be bright. I want to order the lights that i will be happy with. Thank you.

    Sorry for replying to you so late. The Tale series lights will be available at the end of Jan. According to the light simulation, I recommend you use 12pcs 250watt or 15pcs 200watt lights. I also send the result to your email. You can refer to it. if you have any questions, please contact us freely.

  • I have a 60x120 horse riding arena with 14ft ceiling height, what kind of light would you recommend for me

    We recommend you to use 40 pieces 100w Hero Series High Bay Lights in your horse riding arena.

  • Is the lens on the Tale series made of glass or plastic?

    It is a plastic optical enclosure (IP65 rated).

  • Where do I buy the motion sensor for these lights?

    Hello Nate. Please check under our "Accessories" section, the "motion sensor - Tale series" option to have more information or to complete your order.

  • I have a 60x80 shop with 16' ceiling. What lights and how many do you think i need?

    We recommend you to use 20 pieces 150w Hero Series High Bay Lights (5000K or 4000K as you prefer).

  • My steel fabrication shop is 50' x 300' with 28' ceilings. How many of what size lights do I need?

    We would recommend using 45 pcs 250w Hero Series High Bay Lights.