Led Parking Lot Light - Ares Series (SFM)

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Bright LED Parking Lot Lighting & Energy Saving
This led parking lot light with photocell uses high-efficiency chips to provide 135lm/w of bright led pole light to make your parking lot, driveway, sport court, backyard and other places as bright as daylight, saving hundreds of dollars every year. Type3 distribution provides wider illumination coverage. Equipped with black shorting cap for daily use, and use a blue photocell to achieve automatic lighting from dusk to dawn.

Reliable 5-year Warranty & Professional Service 
Hyperlite promises that all Ares series led parking lot lights are returned free of charge within 30 days and provides 5 years reliable warranty. These Led parking lot light with photocell require low maintenance. Hyperlite insists on putting products and customers first! If you have any questions about lamp selection, lighting layout, after-sales, etc. For example, DIALux lighting layout service, just click "contact us" to send a message to us, we will make the lighting layout for you according to your requirements.



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  • I see you have 3 different versions of the ares series light: TM - SFM, APM. I do not see any mention of what these distinctions mean or what makes each light different from the other.

    Hello James. We thank you for your observation. We kindly recommend you to please check for our products manual on our website: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0011/2135/3791/files/ARES_series_instruction_manual.pdf?2231 please check page 2 for more information. We will take in consideration your suggestion and we will update the page with a description for each mounting option.

  • Can you provide bracket for dual mounted light.

    Hello Michael. We thank you for your preference. We are sorry, but we don't have dual mount brackets for our Ares series in our stock for the moment.

  • Do you sell the mounting poles ?

    Hello Dale. Sorry for the inconvenience, we don't sell the mounting poles for our Ares series.

  • can you provide me with a copy of the DLC and UL listing? I need this for a utility rebate.

    Model name(s): CES-LS-ARES-300WXY-T2 Remark: X stands for different CCT as below:30=3000K,40=4000K,50=5000K,57=5700K. Y indicates Driver types as below: SA-Sosen Driver, non-dimmable or SB-Sosen Driver,dimmable. Representative (Tested) Model: CES-LS-ARES-300W30SA-T2

  • what thread is the m8 mounting bolts on the 200 watt pole? Thanks

    Hello Mike. Thank you for your preference.   We kindly request you to please describe your question with more details so we can assist and provide you more information. 

    Thank you for contacting us.

  • How e amps will it take per unit

    The algorithm is P=U*I, Power wattage = Voltage * Amps. If you wire the parking lot lights in 110v power supply, the amps of 100watt is 0.91A, the 150watt is 1.36A, the 200watt is 1.82A, the 300watt is 2.72A.