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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Flood Light!

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Flood Light!

Richard Miller |

A flood light is one of the most effective options for illuminating large spaces, which thanks to being LED, they surpass any other traditional lighting source.
Before buying outdoor Flood Lights we need to know about the space that we want to lit up, the certifications that we need (IP65), and how bright we want the space.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Flood Light

Depending on your purposes you will need a different wattage light:
There are several different types of flood lights, including:
  • Metal halide
  • Sodium Vapor
  • Halogen
  • LED
As technology evolved, the development of LED flood lights has brought about a new way of creating maximum intensity lighting that also is cost effective to run and environmentally friendly. Whilst the above forms of flood light are still in use, there has been a huge leaning towards using LED lights for flood light purposes.
There flood lights that have a sensor, they will turn ON when it gets dark and they will turn OFF when the sun raises, this is called a dusk to dawn function. Some of these lights can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor, or you can just cover the sensor in order to disable it.
You can also find smart flood lights that you can set up with an app and control them with your phone, that’s how technology has evolved.

Top Picks for Flood Lights

The MARS Series is a flood light that will give you 120 lumens per watt. This model has a 2-year warranty and has the support of our customers, check their thoughts about the Mars Series:
Solid construction, great light output
Lights are aluminum construction so they are nice and solid. Really liked the mounting plate design, made it really easy to mount to a metal 4 square box.
Mars Series with Photocell! Yes, this version of the Mars Series has the dusk to dawn function, so you can save energy during day-time. Unfortunately, only comes with one type of mounting which is the U-bracket mount and it only comes with 150 watts, being the only wattage version that we have on this model.
The Sirius Series, our most powerful flood light, this is a new model that we implemented to the Hyperlite products. You can use this light for stadiums, soccer fields

Installation and Positioning Tips

Installing flood-lights is really simple, all of them need to be hard wire, and to place them on your space is so easy, you only need to screw them.
Depending on which model you select, there are different ways to install the lights.
½ Knuckle Mounting (Only available on 30w, 50w, 70w, 100w light)
1. Open junction box and run wiring into box;
2. Thread light body onto junction box using the 1/2-14 threads on knuckle;
3. Connect wiring;
4. Adjust light head to desired angle and tighten hexagon screw;
led flood lights
Trunnion Mounting 1. Loosen light head adjustment screws with hex key;
2. Securely attach light to wall and connect wiring;
3. Connect wiring;
4. Rotate light head to desired angle and tighten adjustment screws;
flood lights
U-bracket Mounting
1. Loosen light head adjustment screws with hex key;
2. Securely attach light to wall and connect wiring;
3. Adjust light head to desired angle and tighten hexagon screw;
flood lights
All versions of the Mars Series have a 120º beam angle and the Sirius Series has a 90º beam angle. To achieve a good light design you need to consider the size of your space, the purpose, and the overall aim of your lighting. Is it decorative or functional?
Another important consideration for the correct beam angle is the distance between the light fixture and the object you want to illuminate.

Energy Efficiency and Longevity

Using flood lights will bring a lot of benefits for you: - They have an extended lifespan, over 50.000 hours.
- Eco-friendly
- Directed light; these types of lights are made for big spaces like stadiums and arenas, they give direct light in a specific direction.
- Save energy, since the flood lights that we offer at Hyperlite are LEDs you will reduce your electricity bills.
To help your light last longer here you have some tips you can use:
  • The most important is a proper installation of the light, please take your time to read labels and the installation manual so you can avoid any type of failures in the future.
  • Turning ON/OFF frequently will make the light to get hot faster, which will greatly reduce the life span.
  • Use the correct voltage for your lights, again, read the labels before you install the lights.
  • Do not use unknown chemical liquid to clean the led lighting, it may destroy the surface of LEDs.
  • Maintain stable voltage, fluctuations can have a negative impacto n the performance and lifespan of LED lighting.

User Testimonials

1 piece Mars Series 100w - Easy to install, it’s 10x brighter than I thought it was going to be. It provides so much light!
flood lights - mars series
1 piece Mars Series 150w - I am a electrician. These lights are really quality. Super bright, solid construction, waterproof, and I really like the light color/ warmth. These are yet again a great product from Hyperlite.
I started selling their brand instead of my local supply house brands. My customers are always happy.
led flood lights
Illuminate your outdoors it will improve the aesthetics of your space; it will also boost the safety and security of your property. Flood lights are the perfect option to illuminate your yard, soccer field or even a stadium! They have a lot of benefits such a long lifespan, energy efficiency, ecofriendly.
Hyperlite is the right place to buy your flood-lights, visit our website and we will help you to select the correct light. We have different options and we will give you the best recommendation according to your needs.

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