UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, a nonprofit safety organization established over 100 years ago. UL is world-recognized as a leader in product safety testing and certification. Not many things are more important than product safety when it comes to choosing a lighting supplier.

The National Electrical Code requires that all items installed in a building be tested by an NRTL, generally that means UL listed. This does not apply to your personal use items but does apply to any fixed appliances or electrical equipment that is installed within your home or commercial facility.

Electrical safety, as we know, is very important.  Not only for us but for every one of our customers too. It is common for purchasers to do a lot of research and investigation in the buying process for good and qualified lighting products because they are costly and need to hold up to the wear and tear of daily usage.

When, for example, your lab works with sophisticated testing equipment or hazardous chemicals, electrical safety is paramount.  Many workstations and workbenches are outfitted with plugs, data ports, switches, and other electrical components.

And, of course, when you apply the same logic to your own home and working station or business. You want those electrical components are of the highest quality and the assembly is also highly rated. Because the last thing you want is that expensive equipment being damaged or ruined because of electrical components that short out.

But, why is UL Certification so important.

First. The COMMITMENT. Our products, as we prefer since the beginning, are UL certified because we in a continuous commitment to safety and quality for our customers.

About the STANDARDS. UL requires their standards are achieved before certification is granted for any product. UL inherently requires and tests for safety through comprehensive procedures and guidelines.

All of this with a constant VERIFICATION. A local UL field representative visits the manufacturer to verify that the Listing Mark is applied in accordance with the UL requirements.

We, Hyperlite, are the pride of being a UL certified. Because nothing is more important than giving our customers best-LED lighting products possible.

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