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Which high bay light can be considered a great high bay light?

Tony Black |

First let us consider what a high bay light is, generally speaking a high bay light is a big size fixture used to lit large spaces with high ceilings from fifteen feet to thirty feet or higher. High bay lights are mostly used for large commercial and industrial areas, such as large storage buildings, shops, workshops, indoor sports fields, commercial malls, etc.

Nowadays the last technology advancements brought to us LED high bay lights which are several times more energy efficient and durable versus old traditional high bay lighting. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights have their place amongst the most energy efficient and durable sources of light. With high energy efficiency rates 130 to 140 Lumens per Watt, Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights ensure your savings in energy bills throughout months and years to come. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights are certainly rugged and sturdy specially due to the LED components, very well made with premium materials and qualified manufacture. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights come with a 5 year warranty against quality issues, malfunction, flickering or any other problems related to quality. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights have a longer lifespan of fifty thousand hours of operation. To get warranty you would only need to contact Hyperlite Support and they will provide with the direction to get any replacements if ever necessary.

With Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights you get all the necessary options and accessories for your lighting project, you have access to more controllability thanks to the LED technology by using dimming functions, motion sensing and more. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights are easy to install specially if you choose Hero Series High Bay Lights which even come with a standard 110v plug and 5ft cord. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lightsare versatile you can use them in a range of available voltages from 110v to 277v AC. With Radar Series LED High Bay Lights you can take advantage of its motion sensing capability and save more money and use energy power only when necessary. Hero Series High Bay Lights are available in two different light color temperatures: 5000K cool light and 4000K day light. 5000K is mostly preferred for offices, commercial malls, stores and for warm weather states. 4000K is mostly recommended for familiar and more cozy spaces, especially for high activity areas and cold weather states. Additionally Hyperlite LED High Bay Lightscan be used with any regular low voltage 1-10v or 0-10v dimmer switches and you can also use our Hyperlite 1-10v LED Dimmer. With Hero Series  you have access to additional improvements such as a 60 Degree Acrylic Reflector Hero Series to improve its looks and make its powerful light more comfortable and elegant, the Surface Mount – Hero Series to flush mount the high bay light and change the beam tilt angle.


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