Where can we use parking lot light and how to select it?

Where can we use parking lot light and how to select it?

Where can we use parking lot light and how to select it?

Most parking lot lights are visible on a daily basis. Yes, the lights used on parking lots on your local storage, office parking area, or even illuminating a warehouse or distribution center.  Now we will explain some of the benefits of using Hyperlite LED Parking lot lights for your outdoor lighting project.

Parking lot lighting is a term to describe the outdoor lighting that is commonly mounted on poles, for example. It is not uncommon to see multiple fixtures mounted on a single pole. The actual performance of the lighting is the most critical component. Bring improvement in the quality of the light in the parking space, the Hyperlite LED Parking lot lights are the best option.

But, how to select the best option for your space? Beyond selecting the model, power and following professional installation practices. We have some recommendations for you to consider when installing parking lot lighting for your security or illumination project. One of them is the proper level of illumination needed. In other words, is a parking lot too bright or not bright enough? Our Hyperlite LED Parking lot lights comes in a series of different power selections for every need. From 100w to even 300w.

For example, if you want these for crime prevention and security projects, the specialized organizations recommend installing lots of parking lot poles to decrease the shadows. For example, Light poles that are at least 20 feet tall also reduce shadows. Certainly, shadows are something to consider when installing lights, particularly because shadows can appear in unexpected places, such as beside vehicles.

Ultimately, the most significant recommendation will be to use Hyperlite LED Parking lot lights with 100w power for 12 ft height more or less. Our 150w unit might be for use over 14ft height and 200w over 18ft. 250w and 300w units are mostly for poles over 21ft height or more. But, of course, before installing light poles, we highly recommend you to consult professionals and local electricians to help you with the installation and the connection. Not only will they know the ins and outs of where and why to place light poles, but they can potentially save a company both time and money by avoiding mistakes.

LED area lighting will make a huge impact on the overall parking space in the area. It will change the outlook of it and it Will provide you security.

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