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Three installation methods and specific application of shoebox light

Tony Black |

Most of our customers have a regular question about our parking lot light, Ares series. The main difference in our 3 models is the mounting unit, simple in fact, but there are some details that you need to know about each one of them. Here we have a short guide for you to decide which one will fit your needs and the best for you to save you several minutes usually spend on the installation.

To start we need to mention that the unit is the same for all the tree mounting units. The only difference (as you will see) is the mounting bracket that we provide with each unit. We have three different options for you to select depending on your needs and your project.

The first one, The Slip Fitter Mount (SFM) = This fixture (also called Arm mount or Direct mount on the general market) can be configured to provide 0 to 60° both upward and downward aiming at 15° increments and is usually used for 2.5" round poles. It uses 2 bolts, a top and bottom bolt to secure it to a pole. It gives the fixture a finished look.

The Adjustable pole mount (APM) = Similar to the SFM unit, this mounting unit is specially designed for mounting on side of 4” round pole or square poles, comes with mounting screw accessories. This is the best option for some customers who prefer the power wires to be protected even if installed on a wall, besides the trunnion mount.

And the Trunnion Mount (TM) = For a customer who wants more freedom at the moment of installation and specially designed to mount the unit on an exterior wall with the option to adjust the angle in 2 different directions besides the other two mounting units. This mounting unit is suitable for ground or wall mount applications so it makes it the universal mounting product

We hope this information is useful to you. We always want to provide our customers with the best options for a new project and the Ares series is definitely the best option for your outdoor applications. 

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