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The ultimate source of mystery

K. Karly |

Every science museum is the baby will go to the place, the small eyes looked around, of the slip circle around looking at the mystery of the world, wonderful fantasy the starry sky, the infinite universe, unknown ring of handicrafts, beautiful cloth art craft, the mysterious power of ancient culture, the natural tube this small space inside the showcase.

When the children get close to the ancient Egyptian mummies, their little eyes are filled with terror because the light is so dim that they have a feeling of seeing a ghost and the museum's bad impression is formed.CFL throw light light as if in there secretly happy: I didn't put out not bad want to come point of stimulation of wow, children, I like to scream most!

This is the defect of the traditional lamps in the museum. Although the dim light adds to the sense of mystery, it is too dim and affects the effect of the tour.HyperliteLED project-light lamp products effective breakthrough technology, improve the service life of tubes, to improve the light Angle, and the traditional unable to adjust the Angle of project-light lamp stands in stark contrast, speed up the cooling speed, reduce the degree of damage to the exhibits.Provides the museum with a reason to attract customers.

Museum tickets are no longer so expensive, children are no longer resistant to the museum.

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