LED shop lights are widely regarded as the best option for several reasons. There is tremendous variety, so there’s something to suit workshops of all sizes and purposes. LED bulbs and chips are safer than traditional incandescents or halogens, many of which contain toxic chemicals. They are more energy efficient than alternatives, so they save money on utility bills. They are also longer lasting, with LED lighting typically having a life of 50,000 hours or more.

The trick is finding the right LED shop lighting for your work space, and terms like color temperature, lumens, and kelvins can be confusing. This article explains the technology, discusses installation, and looks at a range of additional features so you know exactly what to look for.

Our Top Pick

With such a wide choice and so many different needs to cater to, trying to choose a single product as the best LED shop light is difficult. However, we consider these hyperlite led light are the best overall because they satisfy a variety of purposes and provide the best benefits that LED shop lights offer.

Hero series-Led high bay light

Hero series high quality and powerful high bay light gives off industry-leading illumination! It's commercial grade compatibility and with up to 140 lumens per watt, it easily becomes one of the highest performing lights in the industry. On top of all this, this light has an option for reflector cover (extra purchase) to provide up to 20% up light!

Product Details: Watts: 100/150/200/250 watts | Brightness: 14000/21000/28000/35000 lumens | Color Temperature: 4,000/5000k

Will series-Led linear high bay light

Brightness & Anti-glare

Hyperlite LED linear high bay light provides you with high efficiency lighting up to 130lm/w, saving you hundreds of dollars every year. Aluminum strips are added in the middle to reduce light diffusion, prevent strong light and glare.

Solid Structure & Good Heat Dissipation 

Compared with the traditional iron housing, HYPERLITE linear light is made of aviation aluminum, creating a compact and thick solid housing. The fin design is adopted to maximize the heat dissipation surface, accelerate the air circulation, improve the heat dissipation performance, slow down the light attenuation, protect the light chips, and ensure the long-term use of lamps.

Three-step Easy Installation

This series of linear high bay lights is equipped with V-shaped hook and strong chain. Fixing the chain, and making the V-shaped hook fixed to the lamp body, then connect the chain with the hook. Just three steps! The joint between the V-shaped hook and the lamp is tightly and firmly manufactured to avoid the risk of breakage and falling of the joint due to aging. With gradient, you can check whether the lamp installation is balanced. Embedded need to purchase separately.

Hexagon Led Light


The 144W hexagon garage lights with up to 110 lumens per watt and easily reach 15840 lumens. Can always deliver stable light for garage, workshop and car detailing shop.


With a lifespan of over 30,000 hours, our updated hexagon ceiling light is designed for long-term use. These hex lights are built to last and provide comfortable, flicker-free lighting, making them perfect for any room in your home.


Through the 120° Y connector and 120° 2-way connector, 24 tube lights can be freely combined to create a perfect cool light shape. Come with a 110V standard US plug and provide enough accessories for friendly easy installation.

Apart from this, we can also help electricians or DIY enthusiasts with lighting solutions. Simply provide the length, width, and height of your facility and your lighting requirements, and will provide a lighting layout for free.

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