Some great benefits of getting LED lights for your home

Some great benefits of getting LED lights for your home

Getting LED fixtures can have many benefits for every household. LEDs are a new technology that has many purposes and one of those, a very useful and important one, is their application inside household lighting. An LED lamp is an electric lighting device that produces light by using one or more light-emitting diodes. A white LED basically has six components, an LED chip, where the light emission happens, a bonding layer with the electrical connections, a phosphor layer and a silicon lens surrounding the whole assembly. This type of solid-state lighting can be extremely efficient and long lasting specially compared to conventional traditional sources of light such us incandescent or fluorescent lamps.

Currently LEDs are the latest technological trend within several industries and are becoming a new standard for public places and households. Due to their durability and ruggedness LEDs can provide longer lifespan (longer electrical device operation hours), much lower energy consumption, lower maintenance (fewer replacements) thus improving safety.

Nowadays LED fixtures are available online at a lower price compared to retailers. You can check out many LED types for different household and public applications at

LED lights are ideal for usage at home. LEDs can have many times more on-off cycles than traditional fixtures such as fluorescent lights which would stop working much earlier if used similarly to LEDs. Also LEDs can be easily dimmed and have better dimming capabilities compared to former types of lighting. LEDs are more energy efficient compared to traditional light sources mainly because they reduce heat emissions to 5% (compared to the 80% of energy converted into heat with incandescent bulbs). Some LED lights can have 6 to 8 times the lifetime of a fluorescent tube and at the same time almost 150% more brightness. LED lights are certainly many times more durable than traditional lighting sources, compared to traditional types of lighting they can have 6 to 8 times the lifespan of fluorescent tubes as an example.

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