How to Pick The Best LED Flood Light?

How to Pick The Best LED Flood Light?

 We at Hyperlite want to bring high quality products and our Hyperlite LED Flood Lights, we do not want to compare with other brands judging them or something similar, we are here to let you know the benefits and features our LED Flood Light will offer you if you use them on your backyard or some outdoor place so let’s star, we have two different series named as: Hyperlite LED Flood Light - Mars Series you can choose between two brackets, the Trunnion Mount and the Knuckle Mount.

The second one (Knuckle Mount) has a friendly presentation because it only comes in 30 watts, 50 watts and 70 watts then the Trunnion Mount would be for getting extremely bright space because it comes in 100 watt, 150 watts, 200 watts and 240 watts and all of the presentations have 120 lumens per watt.

Now we have Hyperlite LED Flood Light - Eyes Series this one have the same brackets the Trunnion Mount and the Knuckle but both presentations are friendly because the Knuckle Mount comes in 30 watts, 50 watts and 70 watts; and the Trunnion Mount comes in 50 watts and 70 watts.

The life span of our Hyperlite LED Flood lights is about >60000 hours and LED Flood Light will save so many money on your bills because they produce more light using less energy. Another feature we provide it is the CRI (Color Rendering Index) First of all, do not confuse color rendering index with color temperature.

Color temperature and we offer 5000k on our LED Flood Lights. Although color temperature is important, your choice in that department depends largely on your personal taste and the space you will be illuminating. CRI, on the other hand, is generally less dependent on these variables.

For most people and places, the higher the CRI, the better and we offer >70 that is a good number for you. Hyperlite LED Flood Lights are IP65 rated that means that they are water and dustproof. As this light does not have any sensor you need to turn on and off manually.

These both lights come with a warranty of 24 months, if you have any problem in the future you can contact us and we will provide our warranty process and help you throughout the process.

We always will let you know about the benefits of choosing Hyperlite.

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