With the advent of the technological era, lighting systems have become increasingly advanced, meeting the growing demands of people as an essential aspect of illuminating the nighttime environment.

The most important of these 5 tips is to check the ceiling height for high bay lighting. For a ceiling to be considered high enough to require high bay led lights, it should be at least 11 feet or higher from the floor. If your ceiling is under the 11 feet mark, you can use ordinary shop lights or LED Vapor Tight Light.

In designing lighting sources, the energy efficiency of the selected light source and ballast should not fall below the corresponding energy efficiency standard’s energy-saving evaluation value. The power density LPD (Lumen per square foot) restriction for architectural night scene lighting should comply with the current industry standards.


1. Due to the complex outdoor working environment, LED outdoor lighting fixtures must be designed with consideration for environmental factors such as temperature, ultraviolet rays, humidity, rain, dust, and chemical gases. Currently, most domestically produced LED fixtures (mainly streetlights) are assembled using multiple series and parallel connections of 1W LEDs, a method known as packaging technology. Assembling modules with capacities of 30W, 50W, or even higher is employed to meet the necessary power requirements.

2. It is essential to select materials with good thermal conductivity, such as aluminum or aluminum alloys, copper or copper alloys, and other suitable alloys. Waterproof, dustproof, anti-aging measures, and stainless-steel bolt fastening should be considered while referring to the latest outdoor lighting fixture technical specifications and urban road lighting design standards.

3. For landscape lighting installed within 20 meters from the external walls of buildings, the grounding form should be consistent with the indoor system. For distances greater than 20 meters from the external walls of buildings, the TT grounding form is recommended. Additionally, outdoor lighting should use a TN low-voltage power supply system. The arrangement of lighting control boxes (control points) should consider the power supply radius and the necessary voltage drop to the endpoint to avoid the lamps’ malfunction due to undervoltage.

1. Hyperlite LED Outdoor Flood Light - Sirius Series

Applicable places: driveway, ground pool, outdoor riding arena, parking lot, freight yards, basketball court, squares, etc.

①High Brightness & Large Space Illumination: Hyperlite 200W/300W flood lights outdoor adopts high-efficiency LED chips with a luminous efficiency of 140LM/W, providing up to 28,000 lumens of brightness per lamp. The led flood light outdoor has 90° wide beam angle helps illuminate a wider indoor and outdoor area, making your night no longer dark.

②IP65 High Waterproof Rating: Hyperlite flood lights use high-quality waterproof materials and a unique built-in breather, which can prevent water vapor and water accumulation in the light, ensuring stable lighting in rainy, snowy, hot, or cold environments. (Operating temperature: -40°F-122°F)

③Solid & Reliable: Hyperlite outdoor led flood light is made of high-quality die-cast aluminum shell, durable PC lens, and intelligent heat dissipation fins, with a life span of up to 50,000 hours, Make your choice worth the value.

④Easy to Install: Our LED flood light comes with a U-shaped trunnion bracket and a 1.5m long power cord, which can be installed in just 5 minutes. The LED outdoor flood lights bracket can be flexibly adjusted in the range of 0°-180°, suitable for various areas such as parking lot, horse arena, and court yards.

2. Wall Pack Light with Photocell - Oval series

Applicable places: Barn,ParkingLot,Warehouse,House,Driveway,Yard,garage

①Glass Lens - This glare-free and neighbor-friendly led wall pack can always deliver stable bright white 5000K light for outdoor security lighting. Forget about the PC lens, it will turn yellow.

②Durable and Maintenance-free - 1. Durable die-casting aluminum 2. Topgrade LEDs and drivers. 3. Commercial-grade powder-coat technology.

③Dusk to Dawn Photocell - This commercial outdoor security light with photocell can automatically turn ON at sunset and OFF at sunrise. Preventing it from triggering in low-light conditions, saving you 80% of your electric bills every years.

④Easy Installation - 15 minutes quick one-person installation. Ideal exterior lighting for the Parking lot, House, Yard, Patio, Garage, Shop, Barn, Landscape.

⑤We will deliver a new light to you if there are any defects in 1 year and a quick tech solution for 3 years.

3. Hyperlite Led Parking Lot Lights - Hope Series

Applicable places: Yard, Driveway,squares,parking lots,etc.

①Excellent Brightness & Energy Efficiency- This LED parking lot light with photocell uses high-efficiency chips to achieve a light efficiency of 150lm/w, making your space as bright as daytime. Type3 distribution provides wider illumination coverage. It's truly an ideal choice for the parking lot, driveway, sport court, backyard, and other outdoor places.

②Heavy Duty & Sturdy Shell- This shoebox light fixture is designed with curved lines for a more harmonious and beautiful look. Die-casting aluminum material provides strong protection and durability for the heat while ensuring heat dissipation. The radiator adopts a hollow design to increase the heat dissipation surface, accelerate the air flow, take away more heat, protect the chip, and provide you with 50,000+ hours of long-lasting lighting service.

③UL Certification & IP65 Rate- This IP65 Grade LED area light fixture is UL listed, providing extra safety for your house and building. The driver with built-in 10kv lightning protection device shows that the lights are fully suitable for no matter in the rain, snow, frozen, or other extreme environment.

④Easy installation- All mounting hardware and installation instructions are included in the package, which makes the light can be easily installed by a single person. Simply install the light on the slip fitter mounting, then fix the slip fitter to the round pole and tighten the screws.

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