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How to choose a high bay light for your warehouse or barn?

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- According to ceiling height
An LED high bay light is more energy-saving than traditional light sources, so it will be brighter than such light at the same power levels. Generally, we advise to choose 100w LED high bay lights for ceiling heights of 10-14 feet, 150w for 15-22ft ceilings, and 200w-250w for 23ft or more. Here’s a graphical example of illumination levels using the Apollo series of lights.

LED high bay light - Height
The illumination of 100w /200w /240win the height of 14 / 22 / 25 feet

- According to illumination requirements
There are different illumination requirements for different buildings. According to the Energy Trust of Oregon, the illumination of a warehouse or barn is 20-30 foot candles. Actually, we need to be brighter in reality, then some customers demand that the illumination should be 40 foot candles.
- In relation to the power of traditional LED lights
If you are using the traditional LED and satisfied with the brightness, or want to be brighter, we suggest that you try our 100w-150w LED high bay light to replace traditional 250w lights. You could also choose 150w-200w LED high bay lights which compare to traditional 400w lights.
- By light quality
A good light will reduce the cost of installation and maintenance. But how do you judge whether a LED light is good? Firstly, we can look at the certifications of the light manufacturer and also at the quality of the driver in the light. The lifetime of an LED light is determined by the lifetime of the driver, so naturally a high quality driver is the basis of a high quality light. At present, the best brands of driver are MeanWell, Philips and GE drivers. Apollo series LED lights use drivers made by MeanWell from Taiwan.
- For cost savings
The government encourages use of energy-saving products for environmental protection reasons. Different state governments have different rebate standards. For example, there are $30 rebates for 150w LED high bay lights in California. Our Apollo 150w lights cost $129.99, so just $99.99 post-rebate. Customers in California can find more information about rebates for our products at and other states can get rebate information by contacting your utility company.

LED high bay light - Height
picture 1

Do you feel more confident about how to choose a LED high bay light for your warehouse?

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