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How many lumens do you need to lit up a parking lot?

Tony Black |

How high should I install an area light? What wattage? Which parking lot light would be good for my outdoor area? How many lumens on the floor? These are important questions at the time of choosing and selecting new area lights. First the higher the light is installed the larger it will be, or the higher you install the lights the greater the number of lights necessary to get a certain result of foot candles on the floor. As a couple of good examples you can use Hyperlite’s  TOP Series  Parking Lot Lights 100w, if you are planning to install the lights at 12ft to 20ft tall, and obtain 3fc to 7fc on the floor illuminating a 40ft to 45ft diameter area, if you would need to have the double of the foot candle values and you are planning to install the TOP Series Parking Lot Lights on a suitable pole, you would only need to install an additional parking lot light on the same pole. A TOP Series Parking Lot Lights 100w provides 15000 lumens each. If you need to install the parking lot light higher at 15ft to 25ft tall and lit a wider area 50ft to 57ft diameter you can choose TOP Series Parking Lot Lights 150w which provide 22500 lumens each. Of course if you need more foot candles let us say four times the foot candle values, 56fc with 2 poles and 8pcs 150w you can get enough light to practice sports with really good illumination. Nowadays with LED parking lot lights you get many advantages such as, much higher energy efficiency, that means that you will use less energy to obtain more light, saving important amounts of energy and money, thus you paying less for your electricity bills, additionally LEDs are more rugged and sturdy so they need minimum maintenance and are much, much more durable compared to old traditional sources of light (incandescent, fluorescent, HID, etc.)

TOP Series were just launched to the market this month and follows the great quality reputation of Hyperlite’s Outdoor lights. TOP Series Area Lights come with blue light sense, the dusk to dawn automatic switching function, beautiful housing design, self-cleaning flow back design. TOP Series come with a tightly protected  power supply with built-in aprons, extremely  easy and light maintenance and installation, thanks to its card buckle design (two buckles and a hinged swing wiring box). Enhanced durability due to environmentally friendly powder coating formulated for high durability and long-lasting color. TOP Series Parking Lot Lights are Type 3 light distribution, (can be also available in other types of distribution probably in the future). Currently TOP Series are available with Trunion Mounting and Adjustable Pole Mounting options. TOP Series Parking Lot Lights are UL certified, DLC listed, IP65 moist and dust proof, suitable for wet locations, weather resistant and they come with a five years warranty against quality issues, approximate lifespan over 60,000 hours of operation, they come with a photocell cap and shorting cap, input voltage AC100V to 277V, they perform well under lower temperatures, operation temperature range -40 Fahrenheit to 104 Fahrenheit. Finally by choosing Hyperlite you get the ultimate after sales service, if you have any questions, please call our Toll Free Number or send us an email to

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