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How do I calculate lumens lighting for a shop?

Tony Black |

This is a frequently asked question because you want and need to have good lighting for your shop because how you place your products, marketing, information about your product are important but if you do not have good lighting on your shop customer’s eyes or new people on your shop could be injured.

You can research online some recommendations such as: “Requirements on comercial and residential places like: Residential spaces Living room  you will need different amounts of lux or foot - candles for each space such as:Supervisory work on machinery, equipment or products. Transportation or movement of materials. Location of heavy material. Here you will need 60 lumens.Common Reading or writing or word processing jobs or using computers or files or receipt of documents. Here you will need 80 lumens. Servere or prolonged tasks with visual requirement to fine details, painting or detail work, work with small parts. Here you will need 90 lumens. Hand crafting or manual work on tiny pieces or parts or tiny. Inspection or assembly or assembly of tiny or minute parts. Here you will need 110 lumens and for exceptional tasks difficult or with extraordinary visual requirement you will need 150 depending the task” or normally you will find some formulas with instructions like: “Start by measuring your space and multiply the length by the width to get your square footage. Then multiply your square footage by 70 to get the minimum lumen requirement for your workshop.” Being honest you do not need to do that to research online because we at Hyperlite want to bring you the best service and experience that is why we run simulations or make a layouts for your shop and we will help you telling you how many lights you will need, the spacing for each light, the wattage we recommend and if it is the case the color tempertature, but this last one is according your preference, a picture showing you how your shop will look with those lights.

Nornally 70 lumes per square foot are required for a shop however do not forget to contact us because we only need Length, Width and Height of your shop and you will have a great layout and if you want to change something we can run another simulation that will fit according your needs because choosing Hyperlite is choosing premier lighting and the ultimate service.

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