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How do I calculate lumens lighting for a shop?

Tony Black |

Well, you can research online some formulas or different requirements on comercial and residential places. After you have all the “information” you researched you will need to look for lights such as incandescent, fluorescent bulbs or LED lights then calculate lumens per watt, the distribution (beam angle), the power you will need on your building, like this information a fluorescent bulb has 50 to 100 lumens per watt and the incandescent bulb has 60 lumens per watt. Hyperlite LED Lights normally have 140 to 135 lumens per watt. The beam angle for the fluorescent bulb is 360 degrees, incandescent bulb is 360 degrees and for our Hyperlite LED Lights is 120 degrees that means you will have a good concentration of light and will not be spread in all directions, this is a good feature because will help you having a good lighting on your shop or building.

We at Hyperlite want to bring you the best service and experience that why we run simulations or make a layout for your building or shop and we will help you telling you how many lights you will need, the spacing for each light, the wattage we recommend and if it is the case the color tempertature, but this last one is according your preference, a picture showing you how your building or shop will look with those lights and the amount of foot candles on the surfaces, we talk about foot candles and maybe your are asking yourself, What is a foot candle? We will explain what is a foot candle with a formula to understand on a clearly way:
1 lumen / square foot = 1 foot candle, the lumens is emitted by the light and the foot candle is what the surface will receive according the discatnce and lumens emitted.

To run a simulation for you we will need the dimensions of your building: Lenght, Width and Height, with this information we are able to run a simulation and provide you a layout for your shop. We recommend different power according the ciling height such as: For 7 to 13 feet we recommend 100 to 110 watt, 14 to 17 feet we recommend 150 to 160 watt, 18 to 20 feet we recommend 200 to 220 watt and for 21 feet or more we recommend 250 to 320 watt, you can use the power you prefer but please be aware about this beacuse if we use a wrong power, people’s eyes could be hurt.

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