Halogen floodlight is a 120w light

Halogen floodlight is a 120w light

In the long history of human development, there have been many great inventions.Most of these great inventions are for the purpose of liberating and developing productive forces, facilitating people's lives, improving the efficiency and quality of life, and finally achieving a high-quality and happy life.

"Chirp complex chirp, mulan when households weave" once upon a time is human, to spend a lot of energy and time, the efficiency of underground, production does not work well, can't meet the basic life need, hence automatic spinning machine to produce, changed the human power source, using a lot of water is the natural internal energy for power, greatly improved productivity, liberated the productive forces.In the past, cars and horses were very slow, letters were far away, and the traditional human and animal power could not meet the pace of measuring the world. Therefore, karbenz invented the car. Although the car was not fast enough under the technical conditions at that time, it was also a great invention, with at least a basic theory and a basis for improvement.Later, the human science and technology development speed is faster and faster, and technology is constantly updated and improved, in order to improve the accuracy of the accounting, invented the computer, everything after the invention of the computer based on the development.The whims of the human brain at high speed have pushed us forward.

But of all the great inventions, the greatest one was the light bulb, which dispelled the darkness and changed the law of working only at sunrise.The first light light bulbs use tungsten filament as raw materials, it can make the light bulb brightness is very high, but tungsten will be loss, after a period of time, tungsten burnt out, so the light bulb life would be "dead", Hyperlite 120 w halogen floodlight to commemorate the invention of light bulb, also hope that by increasing the service life of tungsten wire, the Hyperlite 120w floodlight extend working hours, let "first artificial light" bright more abiding.

Hyperlite 120w halogen floodlight highly restored the light of the first lamp and adopted a warm yellow light, giving people a sense of intimacy to the sun. Hyperlite 120w halogen floodlight injected technological elements into the tungsten filament, which extended the use time of the tungsten filament through the interference period consumption by scientific means. In addition, Hyperlite 120w halogen floodlight could repair the bulb by replacing the tungsten filament, saving the use cost.Save lighting costs for users.

Hyperlite 120w halogen floodlight continues to bring light to millions of humans.

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