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Every Clock and Drum Tower is Illuminated by 100w Floodlight

K. Karly |

People in the town seem to have a fond memory of the sound of bells clanging.

The clock tower is like a man who never gets tired of telling the time on time every day.Get up at six o 'clock in the morning, the time, called everyone, work study, 12 noon, time, called everyone lunch, afternoon work learning needs of energy intake, 6:00 PM, the time, called everyone to put down their work, it's time to go home and rest, twelve o 'clock in the evening, the time that indicates the end of the day, also tell you the rest.

With the progress of The Times and the development of science and technology, the function of the bell tower is gradually weakened, like a laid-off workers, idle all day, its time is no longer dignified, we should do what, not follow the rules, follow the clock tower time.

At night, the bell tower seems to disappear in the night, this time, listening to the bell grew up children seem to realize the importance of the bell tower, their childhood can not be so gone.They brought in the Hyperlite 100w floodlight to light up the clock tower in the dark, so that the clock tower could shine in the dark.Hyperlite 100w floodlight has excellent anti-fog and anti-dust function, lighting up the clock tower rain or shine, just like the clock tower works without complaint and regret, it will never stop.

Hopefully, Hyperlite 100w floodlight will illuminate the town's childhood.

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