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A beautiful outline under soft light

Amy Li |

Photo studio is a must go place in life, many good memories are recorded by the photographer.

We began to have our own photos when we were in my mother's belly, not only the vague figure on the b-ultrasound list in the hospital, but also the first photo of my mother and us in the photo studio.When we are 100 days old and a year old, we will go to the photo studio to take photos.Later, my mother would take us to take a family photo.And then we would go there and take wedding photos when we grew up.Our lives have been recorded by the camera in the studio.

But many people will find that even if our photography technology is very good, but can not find the feeling of the studio, the figure under the camera is never as soft as the studio.That's the real secret of the studio.The light source of 10 watt flood light has a wide range of propagation, but it can blur our outline to achieve a soft effect.The benefits of the Hyperlite 10 watt flood light are not only to soften our silhouette, but also to be very stylish and energy efficient, using only 0.01 watt of electricity per hour.

The Hyperlite 10 watt flood light is something every photographer deserves.


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