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A 150 watt led high bay lights up the stadium

Amy Li |

He was about to score when he missed the chance because of a sudden flash of lights in the stadium.This kind of time is really very regrettable, also very angry.It was a goal away from winning, but it was missed because of external lighting conditions.

This month, however, the stadium has also been the subject of a number of complaints.But every month the boss let the workers to repair every light bulb, and to change, why would there be such a situation?The power consumption of traditional stadium lights is very unstable and short-circuits often occur.Especially in the case of multiple open at the same time the short circuit phenomenon is more serious.For stadiums, simple repairs to light bulbs no longer work, and it's important to change the brand of light fixtures.

The Hyperlite 150 watt led high bay USES 150 watt led technology for stable and bright lighting.The Hyperlite 150 watt led high bay has significantly reduced the amount of power consumed at the stadium, giving the bulbs a longer life and reducing the cost of replacing them.Kill many birds with one stone.And the Hyperlite 150 watt led high bay height can be adjusted automatically, using different heights of light for different sports.The Hyperlite 150 watt led high bay greatly protects athletes' vision from blurring.

Complaints at the gym are rare.


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