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120w led flood light upgraded theatre

K. Karly |

Although the film industry has developed rapidly and prospered, and watching movies has become a daily pastime for most people, drama, as a traditional pastime, has its value and market.

Movie theaters have high requirements for electronic screens and sound equipment. The frames and dolby sound effects on the screens are new concepts and technologies introduced by movie theaters to attract customers.For theatrical performances, lighting effect is the most important element. Through the change of light and shade, characters' personalities and scenes are displayed to bring the audience into them.

In the traditional theater, due to the technical limitations, the program cannot be well expressed through the control of lighting, but only through the performance of actors. Moreover, the lighting also weakens the performance of actors, and the audience cannot see the scene performance on the stage because of the unclear lighting, which also greatly reduces the experience of audiences.Hyperlite 120w led flood light adopts advanced floodlight technology, with high switching efficiency, stable brightness and soft light, which can shape the actors' bodies into a softer image. Hyperlite led flood light has a high penetration and almost no shadow, bringing audiences a better experience.

Every performance deserves to be savored, and every actor should not be buried. Hyperlite 120w led flood light magnifies the brilliance of the actors and presents them in the most perfect pose.

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