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Sensores de movimiento de microondas o pir: ¿cuál es mejor?

Richard Miller |

Another type of lighting control is a sensor. There are generally two types of lighting sensors: light sensors and motion sensors. Photoelectric sensors detect the presence (or absence) of light. They are often used for outdoor lighting so that the lights automatically turn on when the sun sets and then turn off when the sun rises.

As you can imagine, motion sensors detect motion. Motion-sensing controls automatically turn on lights based on sensors detecting movement around them, human beings in particular. They are used to control lighting as well as automate the operations related to other connected devices.

High bay led lights can integrate sensors to increase efficiency. Motion sensors are used to identify when someone approaches a given area. This causes the light to be turned on. These sensors can dim or turn off lights when no one is around, saving money on electricity bills. It can also be used as a safety measure, with lights lighting up to let you know when someone is nearby.

The Difference Between Microwave and Pir Motion Sensors

Microwave Sensor:

This type of sensor detects motion by emitting microwave signals and detecting their reflections. When an object enters the propagation path of the microwave signal, it reflects the microwaves, allowing the sensor to detect this reflection.

which sensor is best for motion detection

PIR Sensor:

PIR sensors use infrared radiation to detect motion. They detect changes in heat emitted from the surrounding environment, such as when a person or animal passes by. The sensor detects the heat emitted by their bodies and triggers alerts or performs other actions based on this change.


Microwave sensors have good penetration properties for materials such as glass and plastic, making them more suitable for such scenarios.

PIR sensors are more sensitive to objects with higher heat emission, such as humans and animals, making them capable of easily detecting these heat changes.


Microwave Motion Sensor

● They are more suited to oddly shaped rooms and areas with a lot of barriers because they don’t require a precise line of sight.

● Their advanced controls can also allow precise settings for use in a parking lot or a warehouse lighting layout.

● Best used for security lights, warehouses, restaurants, gas stations, conference halls, underground parking, outdoor lighting, and parking lots.

Pir Motion Sensor

● The PIR sensor has a light that is considerably more efficient and effective for garden and home protection.

● They are a good choice in distinctly specified places where they can’t be disregarded. These types of places include entryways, halls, pathways, and alleyways.

● Best used for offices, stairwells/staircases, corridors, basements, conference halls, and bathrooms.

Motion sensors are an excellent choice for residential and commercial spaces. Not only do they enhance security, but they also save energy costs by turning the lights on/off when needed. Whether remodeling or new construction, this brings convenience to the lighting contractor or designer.

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