hyperlite led ufo high bay lights | 60w 8100lumen 4000k white hero series | Dimmable & reflector optional

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How to choose the most appropriate lights in your shop?

1. How to select wattage
The 60watt light is suitable for the height of a room from 8’ to 10’. It is the smallest wattage light we have. If your room height is lower than 8’, I do not suggest use High Bay light. Because the light may produce the glare. You will feel uncomfortable when you work in your shop or warehouse for a long time. Maybe you would think that using bigger wattage light to decrease the quantity. The same problem will happen again.

2. How many lights do we need to use in our room?
After you select which wattage you need to use, you decide how many you ought to install. There are many factors that decide how many do we use. Such as customers’ requirements about brightness, applications, the reflectivity of the wall and so on. According to our experience, we use one light in the 200-250 sqft area. For example, the size of your building is 30ft W * 30ft L * 9ft H, and you need to use 4 pcs 60watt high bay lights approximately. The above is the reference. If you want to get more specific suggestions, you can send an email to our service team, info@hi-hyperlite.com. We can make a light simulation after you provide more information about your shop or warehouse.

3. how many lights can we wire in the switch?
After you decide the wattage and quantity of the lights, you may think of wiring the lights. The new questions will happen, ‘How many lights can I wire in my switch’. If you know, please ignore the following. Firstly, You need to consult the switch manual. You will find the rated current. For example, it is 10Amp. And if you wire our light in 110Voltage power supply. the Amp is 0.909A. You can wire 11 pcs lights in your switch. But we do not suggest you use a full load of the switch. It is very dangerous. Normally customers use 80% of full load.

4. Which color temp of the light do we need to choose?
It all depends on the customers’ preferences. If you like warm light, you choose 4000k. Otherwise, you use 5000k light, daylight. What’s more, if you find you are not satisfied with the lights after you receive them, we can return or exchange them for free.

5. Other questions.
The product specifications are below. You can click the ‘product sheet’ to refer to it. If you have other questions, you can call us (855)688-7879, email us (info@hi-hyperlite.com) or leave Q&A at the bottom of this page. We will reply to you within 24h.

Five-year warranty & Free shipping and return & Free light simulation.




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