[AU] Hyperlite 600watt Led Grow light - Full Spectrum Wavelength - Groplanner O series

Get 3.5-3.7 lbs yield by Groplanner 600 Watts plant Grow light ( Standard 2.7 lbs by Groplanner 450 Watts ). This plant grow light makes you get 30% higher yield compared with other normal products. The full spectrum (400~700nm, 660nm, and IR 760nm) optimizes and completes plant development for all growth stages from seed to flower.
【3024pcs LEDs, HIGH ENERGY】
Higher energy efficiency up to 2.75 umol/J. Higher PPF output up to 1620 µmol/s. Higher lumen up to 170lm/w. Get 120852 lux in the center at 12" by 3024 pcs LEDs. The high energy provided by this plant grow light LED will penetrate the plant from top to bottom, promote rapid growth, and get the plant more robust. Meanwhile, it will save power consumption by 55% compared with the HPS lights or other LED grow lights.
Groplanner 600 Watts plant grow light provides intelligent and convenient control with WiFi capability. Timing and dimming functions could be easily implemented by the "Tuya Smart" app. The family group mode will help you connect multiple plants grow lights and control the lights uniformly or independently. You can get a flexible growth solution for each growing phase. ( Maximum 8pcs for a common domestic router. )
Larger heat dissipation area. Faster heat conduction performance. Groplanner 600 Watts LED plant grow light ensures the plant growth gets free of risk of overheating in the planting area. The flexible modular lighting system could maximize the grow space for higher crop yields and better quality. You've got more Plug and Play for more simple setups.


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