High Bay Light - Apollo Series

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--3 MINS INSTALLATION: With US hook, US plug, 5’ cable, safety wires, 150W LED UFO High Bay Light Apollo series make the installation much easier.

--HIGH STANDARD: UL, DLC 4.2 Premium and FCC Approved. You can quickly get the rebate from the utility company.

--EXCELLENT Lighting PERFORMANCE: 150watt 21,000 lumens & 200watt 28,000 lumens, up to 140 lumens to watt, 400 watt HID/HPS Equivalent. LED UFO High Bay Light Apollo series also has a 1-10V dimmable function, the beam angle is 120 degrees.

--5 YEARS WARRANTY: Using the most durable LED driver—Mean Well driver, the welding spot temperature is under 140°F. Choose the LED High Bay UFO Lights Apollo series to save your time and money.

--WIDELY USED: The UL IP65 approved, LED UFO High Bay Light Apollo series can be used in outdoor and indoor. Such as the factory, Warehouse. It’s also used as a low bay Light, the application is gym, Shop, Shopping mall.



Ask a Question
  • We have a 110 by 325 nut packing facility with 23 foot ceilings, what light and what layout would you recommend?

    ​Dear Marco Welcome to Hyperlite!  ​We want to thank you for your preference.

    Sorry for this delay. We made a lighting simulation based on the info you provided.

    For your facility (325x110 - 23ft) We recommend you to use 84pcs Hero series 250w.

    Please check your email since we provided you with a complete design and a Pdf mçwith more details.

  • I am putting up a 30' x 60' building with 12' high side walls. It will be used as a garage and wood working shop. What type of lighting an d how many fixtures do you recommend?

    I recommend you use 8 pcs 100watt hero lights, 2 rows 4. I do not recommend you use 150watt lights. Because the height of your shop is 12'. If you use big watts, you will feel uncomfortable when you work in the shop. If you need more specific details about light simulation, you can write email to our service email address, sales@hi-hyperlite.com.

  • How many lights for a 50 x 175 x 24’ tall steel fabrication shop

    Hello Aaron, for your building we recommend you to use 32 pcs Apollo Series 200w, we will send you more detailed information to the email address you provided. Thank you for your preference!

  • I have a 48x72 garage 14 feet high. How many and what kind and wattage do you recommend. Thanks

    Hello Rob. thank you for your interest in our products.

    We recommend for your 72x48-14ft garage to use 15pcs Apollo series, 150w 3rows with 5lights each.

    Please check your email because we just sent complete information to you. If have any question please contact us back and we will be glad to provide you more details.

  • Not sure how many to order or what color we want. My shop is 40 x 70 with 16 foot walls.

    I recommend you use 18 pcs 150watt lights, 3 row 6 columns. You can provide more details to our service email, sales@hi-hyperlite.com. We can make a light simulation and give you more specific suggestions.