Flood Light - EYES Series (TM)

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  • What type of electrical connection does this light have? Flood series with reunion light

    Eyes Series TM flood lights come with a pigtail wire to connect the 120V AC, please check the product manual here.

  • How many lumens are produced in relation to wattage consumed?

    They have 110 lumens per watt.

  • I have a 260ft by 110ft outdoor arena how many lights, what kind, and how high should I put them?

    We can suggest you to use 10pcs 150w TOP Series Parking lot lights in two rows of five poles at 17 to 20ft tall, please click on the link to check them out: https://bit.ly/3sWmyUZ

  • What’s the difference between these and the other that look exactly the same?

    The only differece is the mounting unit. We have the universal mount (UM), knuckle mount (KM), and the trunnion mount (TM).